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Sanskrit Healing Mantra

I found this mantra in the book, HEALING MANTRAS, by Thomas Ashley-Farrand. Thomas knows more about mantras than any other American. His website is: www.sanskritmantra.com I recommend his books and his CDs. I've been saying this mantra for five years.

I'll write it in Sanskrit. Then I'll write it as it should be pronounced. Last, I'll give you a rough translation in English. It's a mantra imploring the healing help of Rama, and it goes like this:

Om Apa-damapa, Hataram Dataram, Sarva Sampadam, Loki Bhi Ramam, Sri Ramam, Bhuyo Bhuyo Namam-yaham.

Pronounce it like this,: Om, of course, is pronounced like the "ome" in "home."

Om, Op-pah-dah-mah-pah Hot-tah-rahm, dot-tahr-rahm, Sar-va Sahm-pah-dahm Low-kah, bee rahm-mum, Shree-rahm-mum
Boo-yo, boo-yo, nah-mom, yah-hum

Here's a rough translation:

Om. O most compassionate Rama. Please send your healing energy right here to the Earth, to the Earth. Salutations.

Thomas Ashley-Farrand says that this is THE most powerful healing mantra, and he knows them all. Let me quote him: "I am aware that this mantra is long, but I teach it even to beginners because of the tremendous healing power it produces. I have found that those who are desperate for healing, learn it without difficulty, and many have had extraordinary results."

If you say it a dozen times or so, you'll hear the internal rhymes. It's not hard to learn.

I say another short and powerful healing mantra every day when I walk on the beach. It's a healing mantra to the Deva of the Sun. It goes like this:

Om Arkaya Namaha

It's pronounced like this:

Om R-kye-yah, nahm-ah-ha

And it means...."Om and salutations to the Shining One who removes afflictions

I'm a big believer in mantras. I hope this information opens a door for you.