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Near Death Experience Book Insights  by Owen


Kennth Ring, in his book, LESSONS FROM THE LIGHT, summed up the wisdom to be gained from an NDE as follows:

"Everyone is loved infinitely, and with incredible compassion. There is a plan, one might say, a kind of blueprint for everyone's life; and while we are free to embrace or reject it, the Light is there to help us find it. If we open ourselves to the Light, invoke it into our lives, we will, in time, be shown our way -- and we will recognize it as ours unmistakeably, because it will give us joy. Joy in living is the truest sign that we are living right."

Here's another quote from Kenneth Ring's book, HEADING FOR OMEGA:

"I believe that humanity as a whole is collectively struggling to awaken to a newer and higher mode of consciouslness...and that the Near- Death-Experience can be viewed as an evolutionary device to bring about this transformation over a period of years, in millions of persons."

Dianne Morrisey had a memorable NDE about 25 years ago. It changed her life dramatically. Dianne is a well-known lecturer and author on the NDE circuit. I've been reading her book, Anyone Can See The Light. Let me quote her:

"I feel it's highly likely that survivors of NDEs are more sensitive to electromagnetic fields when they return to their bodies -- which may explain why thei watches sometimes fail when they wear them. In fact, since my NDE, all my watches, battery or wind-up, stop working when I put them on. Researchers have since discovered this is a common side-effect of the NDEs."

Dianne also notes that she can sense earthquakes, hours and days before they occur. She feels that persons who've gone through an NDE, somehow pick up the electromagnetic shift in the Earth that precede these upheavals. It's fairly well known that animals and birds can sense when earthquakes and tsunamis are about to happen.