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Holosync CDs  by Owen

I've been listening to Holosync every day for two years. It's the first thing I do each morning. I also recite mantras and affirmations. I've noticed a BIG improvement in my emotional life since I began listening to Holosync. I'm deeply contented these days. I think the Holosync flushed a lot of emotional tumors out of me during my morning sessions. Holosync is a self-help program. It's expensive, but it works for me.The website is: www.centerpointe.com

I usually say my mantras and affirmations during the first 30 minutes of the main CD -- the section that has both the sounds of water and the Chinese bowls. That's the part that takes me down deep into the delta brainwaves. Then during the second 30 minutes -- the section with just the sounds of water -- I concentrate on my breath and meditate. I'm convinced that they've enriched my life. The first thing I do each morning is listen to an hour's worth of Holosync: a blend of soothing music, ringing crystal bowls, and the sound of running water. When I'm done, I feel much better prepared to face the day and its demands.

I'm going to take you through my routine. I'll try to explain the science behind Holosync, as well as the positive changes I've noticed in myself since I began listening to it. But I want to say up front that Holosync is expensive I listen to Holosync while lying on an exercise mat. Yes, I know the instructions suggest you listen while sitting up in a yoga-type pose. But I much prefer to listen while lying down. I put a pillow under my knees, place the stereo earphones over my ears, fold a small, dry towel over my eyes, and turn on the CD machine.

Most of you know that our brains generate electrical wave patterns known as brainwaves. The four distinct patterns are Beta, Alpha, Theta. and Delta. Each of these electrical wave patterns change the way that you perceive the world, as well as the manner in which you process information. They're measured in hertz (Hz), or cycles per second.

Beta brainwaves (13-34 Hz) are the daily norm for most people. Anxiety and stress are most likely to occur in the high Beta range, It's not much of an exaggeration to say that our modern world has been largely shaped by people who function most of the time in the upper Beta levels. Alpha brainwaves (8 to 12 Hz) occur when we are relaxed and calm. You'r in Alpha when you daydream, but also when you're learning something new. Theta (4 to 7 Hz) is a deeply relaxed, creative state in which the focus is inward. Most of history's greatest artists produced their masterpieces while under the stimulus of Theta brainwaves. The final state is Delta (.5 to 3 Hz). Each of us experiences the Delta state during the 90 minutes or so of dreamless sleep which occurs soon after you go to bed. Delta is also the zone where the most accomplished yogis do their very best meditation.

What Holosync does is take your brain from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta within 30 minutes. Each Holosync CD lasts 1 hour, and is divided into two parts: Part #1, The Dive, takes your brain gradually down into the Delta zone. Part #2, Immersion, keeps you in Delta for 30 minutes.

I can hear you say, "Owen, how do you know you're in Delta zone?" I know because I feel that mild sense of sleep paralysis in my limbs that normally prevents us from walking in our sleep. It's a pleasant feeling. And, of course, there's no real paralysis: I can stand up whenever I want to. But I feel so peaceful and calm in Delta, that I have no desire to move. So that's the first benefit of Holosync: 30 minutes more each day in the land of deep contentment, Delta zone. Plus, you get to spend some extra time in Alpha and Theta, both very pleasant levels of the mind.

Our bodies do their best healing during that 90 minutes each night of dreamless sleep. The brain increases its production of DHEA, melatonin, and Human Growth Hormone, and decreases levels of cortisol, an age-accelerating hormone produced by the adrenal glands. An additional 30 minutes each day of Delta brainwaves gives your body quality time in which to do some healing.

Holosync works by putting a different frequency, a binaural beat, in each of your ears, beneath the soothing sounds of water and crystal bowls. Your left ear might be hearing a frequency of 100 Hz; your right ear 110 Hz. Surprisingly, this causes your entire brain, both the left and right hemispheres, to entrain to the DIFFERENCE between the two frequencies: in this case, 10 Hz, a mid-Alpha range. Over the course of the next 30 minutes, Holosync takes you "down" to Delta zone in this manner. This leads to the two REALLY important parts of Holosync: First, the technology provides MORE input than your brain can handle -- the way it is currently structured! Your brain responds by reorganizing itself at higher levels of function that CAN handle the additional input.

Your brain creates new neural pathways and establishes communication between parts of the brain that were not previously communicating. This results in increased learning ability and better mental clarity Second, the new reorganization means that the threshold for what you can handle -- stress -- is slowly raised higher and higher. You find that you can now handle stress that, previously, caused you to become angry, fearful, depressed, and confused: chaotic states which can lead to drug abuse, overeating, and violence. Indeed, you will let go of some of the unresolved emotional material that has been lying deep in your unconscious mind.

I find that I'm now amused by the things that used to cause me to go into a tizzy. My stress threshold has been raised significantly. Lots of emotional baggage has been flushed out. For some of us, Holosync is a liver cleanse of the brain and mind.Holosync is a kind of archeological dig. I've unearthed and released all kinds of emotional tumors, many of which were buried more than 50 years ago.

There are 13 levels in the Holosync Program. Each level comes with 4 CDs that you listen to, for a total of 52 CDs. Each of those CDs is crafted at a LOWER carrier frequency. So when your brain gets used to CD #1, after 6 weeks or so, you switch to CD #2 -- and your brain reorganizes itself once again.

If you've ever lifted weights, you know that your biceps will get used to the barbell-weights you began with. Your muscles will no longer break down and grow bigger unless you add additional weights. Holosync works precisely the same way.

Your brain uses the extra stimulation to not only create new neural pathways, but to flush out emotional gunk that the previous CD couldn't reach. You also get an additional CD with each level, called Floating, which you can listen to while you're sleeping at night, if you choose to. And the very first level, Awakening Prologue, comes with yet another CD which provides 30 minutes each of Alpha and Theta. They're helpful to listen to while doing creative work, or learning something new.

Beginning with Awakening Level #1, the second set of CDs. you can add a subliminal track of affirmations, spoken in your own voice; the kind of positive encouragement you give yourself on your best days. You call Holosync, and they record 5 minutes of your affirmations as you speak them into the phone. They loop the 5-minute track a dozen times, and add it to your next level of CDs. So your subconscious mind is listening to each of your affirmations a dozen times during the 60-minute CD. The Floating CD also has your affirmations, so you can encourage yourself all night if you want to.

My reactions? I've thoroughly enjoyed my almost two years of listening to Holosync. I'm much more contented these days. There's virtually nothing on my wish-list. Negative thoughts don't take root, like they used to. I can't recall the last time I was angry. I like myself better, and am much more open to other people. I look for the good in them, and usually find it. My thinking is clearer, and I'm a better writer and speaker than I was two years ago. My deep intuition tells me that Holosync is important to me in ways that I can't articulate. And that's why I almost never miss a session.

Insight & Focus CD's

You can try Holosync for free. They'll send you a single CD, if you call them. The number is 1-800-945-2741. Their website is: www.centerpointe.com The first Holosync level costs $159.00. You can return it anytime within the first year for a full refund. And you get to keep the extra freebie CDs that come with it.

Doctor Joseph Mercola, a name most of you recognize, said in a recent e-Alert that he used Holosync for 2 years. He liked it, just like I do. But Doctor Mercola decided that he couldn't give it an hour each day. He also heard reservations from some of his customers about the total cost of the 13 Holosync levels, plus the years it takes to complete the program properly. So Doctor Mercola hunted around, and found a very inexpensive alterative program which he now uses and sells. It's called Insight Focus CDs, and costs a one-time total of $47.95. He uses it for 30 minutes each day, and loves it. Check out his website for more details: www.mercola.com as well as testimonials. The Insight and Focus CDs come with a 90-day, money-back guarantee. I've ordered a set to check them out.