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Banish Fear From Your Life

Fear is a terribly negative and destructive emotion. You need to banish it from your life. Dont feel anguish for things that happened in your past, and don't feel anxiety about the future that lies ahead of you; a long future,

If you spend the rest of this year, educating yourself about the spiritual world, you'll put yourself on the path that God, the Universal Soul, intends you to be on. And in a few years, you WILL have banished fear from your life, as well as other negative emotions.

Right now, any existential crisis you're immersed in, seems like a Curse; a blight that clouds every aspect of your life. But if you listen to your intuition, your Inner Voice, and learn the truth about life and death, in 5 years, you'll look back on this ordeal as a great Blessing. And you'll thank God it happened. Your entire life will be rich and satisfying and fulfilling, unlike the lives of so many of your peers.

If you're someone who can learn from books, begin reading authors like Eckhart Tolle. Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Osho, Swami Rama, and Sogyal Rinpoche. Your library probably has a small section devoted to books about spirituality. Look through those books, and trust your intuition about which ones to check out. I highly recommend The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Daizy4 has a very enlightening blog on CureZone. It's title is "Clear Myst." Do some reading there. You'll find other blogs devoted to spirituality, too. Read some of the R/N posts on the Consciousness and Awareness forum, and Spirituality forum.

We humans seem to be separate from each other. We're like waves on the ocean, who look around them, and see just other waves. The waves are unable to look down, & see the vast ocean that supports and connects them. Humans are like those waves. We can't see the vast ocean of energy that connects us to every living thing in the universe. When a wave crashes onto the beach, it gives up its form; its body. But the water in the wave, its soul, returns to the ocean, to be reformed once again. Yes, you will die someday. Every living being will die. But like the wave, you will be giving up only your body; your form. Your soul, the water in the wave, will return to the Ocean of Energy that we call God.

Here's a quote from Marianne Williamson, a gifted and poetic spiritual writer: "I know that death is not death, but a recycling of energy, a remodulation of my cells, according to higher assignments in my soul's progression. My spirit does not die, but rather enters new channels of life."

Every true mystic of every religious and spiritual persuasion. has said exactly the same thing. After you die, you will find yourself immersed in God; immersed in total, unconditional love; a love that is peaceful and calm, infinitely warm and infinitely caring. You'll know beyond any doubt that you're safe forever; that you're Home.

Once you begin educating yourself about spirituality, you'll find Doors opening all around you. One book will lead to another. People will pop up, and provide you with need-to-know information. With every day that passes, you'll feel more sure that you're on the right path; that your spiritual quest has become the most important part of your life.