Youth Quotes


"One imagines, when young,
that everything desirable must be obtained
in spite of the adult world, against its grain."

"Adolescence is when girls experience social pressure
to put aside their authentic selves
and to display only a small portion of their gifts."
-- Mary Pipher / REVIVING OPHELIA --

"Young chidren grow,
but adolescents change --
and change is confusing.
It confuses the sprouting adolescent
to wake up every morning in a new body.
It confuses the mother and father
to find a new child every day
in a familiar body --
a child scornful of the things
that yesterday's child wanted;
a child with a different rhythm of living,
a child who talks knowingly about things
that yesterday's child never heard of."

"Youth does not need friends. It needs only crowds."
-- Zelda Fitzgerald --

Children in their teens are longing to go out into the world.
They become even more aware of the limitations of their parents.
They decide to cut the emotional umbilical cord.
Their turning away may have more than a touch of aggression.
'I'll have little or nothing to do with you.
Whatever you tell me, I will subject to the closest scrutiny.
I will be as suspicious of what you say,
as I am of everything ouside home.
But the outside world hasn't hurt me yet,
so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.
In fact, I'll give it MORE benefit of the doubt than I give you
and all that I have known up to now.'"
-- Yehudi Menuhin / UNFINISHED JOURNEY --