Work Quotes


"The delight one takes in one's work
is the sign of its rightness."
-- Andre Gide/ JOURNAL --

"Better to find the work that will make a life, rather than a living."
-- John Ciardi --

"You have your identity when you find out,
not what you can keep your mind ON,
but what you can't keep your mind OFF."
-- A.R. Ammons --

"The 'work-week' of our tribal ancestors
has been estimated at only 20 hours.
The rest of the time,
judging from the lives of contemporary tribal peoples,
was spent in conversation,
grooming, song, dance, ceremony, and play."
-- Marc Barasch/ THE HEALING PATH --

"What do I care about so much,
that I would pay to do it?"
-- Jon Kabat-Zinn --

"You need not see what someone is doing
to know if it is his vocation.
You have only to watch his eyes;
see that rapt expression,
forgetting itself in a function."
-- W.H. Auden --