War Quotes


"The most shocking thing about war
is that its victims and its instruments
are individual human beings,
and that these individual human beings
are condemned by the monstrous conventions of politics,
to murder or be murdered in quarrels not their own."
-- Aldous Huxley --

"A lot of young boys go to war
because they do not appreciate
the difference between being killed
and growing up."
-- Tom Robbins --

"Since 1945, we have spent $4 trillion on nuclear weapons.
That is enough to kill every person on Earth 12 times over.
This means that for every living person on this planet,
there has been an expenditure of $700 million
to effectively kill us once.
The real expenditure on killing us
has been that figure multiplied by 12."
-- Marilyn Waring / IF WOMEN COUNTED

"Most of all, we learned about death at an early age,
when it is common to think of oneself as immortal.
Everyone loses that illusion eventually,
but in civilian life, it is lost in installments over the years.
We lost it all at once,
and, in the span of months,
passed from boyhood through manhood
to a premature old age."
-- Philip Caputo / A RUMOR OF WAR --

"Once a certain class of people
has been placed by the temporal and spiritual authorities,
outside the ranks of those whose life has value,
then nothing comes more naturally to men then murder."
-- Simone Weil --

"The worst danger in any war is from intellectual looters:
those who plunder, burn, and murder
the character and morals of a nation."
-- George Bernard Shaw --