Thought Provoking Quotes


Both of these quotes come from Thomas Wolfe's magnificent book,

"The dark, ancestral cave,
the womb from which mankind emerged into the light,
forever pulls one back --
but you can't go home again.You can't go back home to your family,
back home to your childhood,
back home to romantic love,
back home to a young man's dreams
of glory and of fame,
back home to exile,
back home to lyricism,
back home to singing just for singing's sake,
back home to places in the country
away from all the strife and conflict of the world,
back home to the father you lost
and have been looking for,
back home to someone who can save you,
ease the burden for you,
back home to the old forms and systems of things,
which once seemed everlasting,
but which are changing all the time --
back home to the escapes of Time and Memory."

"What is it that we know so well and cannot speak?
What is it that we want to say and cannot tell?
What is it that keeps swelling in our hearts
its' grand and solemn music,
that is aching in our throats,
that is pulsing like a strange wild grape
through all the conduits of our blood,
that maddens us with its exultant and intolerable joy,
and that leaves us tongueless, wordless,
maddened by our fury to the end?"

This quote comes from James Agee's wonderful book, LET US NOW PRAISE FAMOUS MEN.


"Each man is intimately connected
with the first and most extreme reach of Time
Each man is composed of substances
identical with all that surrounds him,
both the common objects of his disregard
and the incandescent centers of stars.
All that each person is and experiences,
in body and mind,is but a differing expression
of one identical root.And yet not one of these persons
is ever quite to be duplicated or replaced,
not has he ever had precedent; but each is a new
and incommunicably tender life,
easily wounded and easily killed,
sustaining for a while, with little defense,
the enormous assaults of the universe.That we choose to continue this burden
of breathing, of being,
through so long an accumulation of time,
and do not break utterly to fragments of nothing,
is to our everlasting glory as individuals
and as a species."