Spoonfed: A Spiritual Story

A man named John, who was thought to be dying, lapsed into a deep coma. Almost immediately, he found himself floating above his body. John looked down in wonder at the hospital room -- doctors, nurses, and crying relatives -- yet felt no pain or fear; just a deep feeling of peace and contentment. And then John was drawn into a long, dark tunnel. He traveled an unknown distance at great speed and emerged into a realm of radiant light.

John's bedazzled eyes saw fields of immortal wheat and oorn, ripening in the golden sunlight. Strong, fertile trees of every description stretched their branches toward the vaulted sky. The air was perfumed with the sweet bouquet of millions of fragrant flowers; glorious blossoms that covered the hillsides in a multi-colored carpet as far as the eye could see. John heard indescribably beautiful melodies -- the music of the spheres -- and, off in the distance, he recognized the smiling faces of recently deceased friends and relatives.

John was so enraptured by this glorious vista, that he didn't notice an Angel by his side until the winged apparation spoke. "There has been a mistake," said the Angel gently. "Your time to die has not yet come. I'm going to lead you back to your body." The Angel looked deeply into John's eyes. "But since you're here," said the Spirit, "I want to show you something; a little lesson that may help you lead your remaining years on Earth more productively."

The Angel took John by the hand. In an instant, the two of them were flying high over the celestial landscape. Soon the Angel pointed down, and John saw a vast, white-marbled building that reminded him of a Greek temple. The Angel and John flew through an open window near the roof, and landed on a small balcony that overlooked a titanic room. The room was filled with long dining tables, the kind you see in a school lunchroom. Sitting at the tables, one next to another, were the thin, emaciated spirits of former human beings. John could see that they were miserable, mean-spirited creatures, filled with greed, anger, and hatred.

The tables were covered with golden bowls bearing sumptuous and delicious-smelling foods; a feast worthy of a Roman emperor. Each of the spirits was equipped with a spoon that was 3 ft. long. But try as they might -- even when they contorted their arms and stuck out their elbows -- not one of the thin spirits could use his long spoon to put food into his mouth. It was obvious from their debilitated condition that the spirits had been trying for a LONG time. They sat together, side-by-side and opposite each other, in mutual misery. "This is Hell," said the Angel.

He took John's hand, and they flew out of the building. In moments, the two of them flew into what appeared to be an identical building. The vast dining room below was filled with tables. The delicious food atop the tables looked and smelled exactly like the food in the first room. And, yes, there were spirits sitting side-by-side, each with a 3 ft. spoon in front of them. The only difference, John noticed, was that these spirits looked well-fed and joyous. They glowed and radiated contentment
"This," said the Angel, "is Heaven."

John shook his head in dismay."I don't understand," he said. "What's the difference?"
The Angel pointed down at the tables.
Each of the happy spirits was using his long spoon to fill the mouth of a neighbor with the delicious food.
"In Heaven," said the Angel, "they feed each other."