Solitude Quotes


"It is undeniable that one needs the absence of others
to enjoy the magic of many things."
-- Florida Scott-Maxwell --

"In all profound minds, some hidden virtue is perpetually at work,
creating a recluse.
When brought into contact with, or reminded of other people,
they become conscious of a peculiar sensation
that pierces with a sudden sharp pain,
making them withdraw at once
into some indefinable inward island."
-- Paul Valery / MASTERS & FRIENDS


"Silence must be comprehended as not solely the absence of sound.
It is the natural environment for serenity and contemplation.
Life without silence is life without privacy.
The difference between sanity and madness
is the quality of our thoughts.
Silence is on the side of sanity."
- Norman Cousins / OPTIONS --


"I do not know if I am singular
when I say that I believe there is no man
with whom I can associate,
who will not, comparatively speaking, spoil my afternoon.
That society or encounter may at last yield a fruit
which I am not aware of,
but I cannot help suspecting
that I should have spent those hours more profitably alone."
-- Thoreau / JOURNALS --

"In a world gone more than slightly mad,
finding your core of silence
is like recapturing the fort of sanity and peace."

"How true it is that the greatest of all obstacles
to any deep, banked-up, sensitive creature
is the inability to obtain leisure,
the inability to be alone.
You may be perfectly certain that you are on the right track
when your craving for solitude becomes a kind of desperation;
a thirst that at all costs, and on every day of the week,
must somehow be satisfied!"
-- John Cowper Powys / THE MEANING OF CULTURE --