Music Quotes


"Music tells us something is right in this world.
There is something that checks throughout,
that follows its own laws consistently,
something we can trust,
something that will never let us down."
-- Leonard Bernstein / THE JOY IN MUSIC --

"Phrasing in music, is the ability to make the moments of a song,
the chord changes and other techniques,
your OWN;
to MOVE on the song in your own rhythms
and urgencies and delights."
-- James Dickey / SELF-INTERVIEWS --

"Music is an organized time experience, arranged by the composer."
-- Claude Debussy --

"For children who have lost faith in the emotional reliability of adults,
or have never experienced basic trust,
music can be a stabilizing influence;
a recurrrent emotional experience which can be trusted
because it is not directly human."
-- Anthony Storr / THE DYNAMICS OF CREATION --

"The basic building blocks of nature are number and pattern.
The universe is not made out of matter, but out of music."
-- Pythagoras -- (500 B.C.)

"The anonymously written tune,
'God Save the Queen,'
has been used by over 140 composers,
including Haydn, Beethoven, and Brahms.
It is a patriotic song or anthem,
past or present,
in England, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Liechenstein,
Switzerland, and the USA (My Country, 'Tis of Thee).