Memory Quotes


"There is nothing higher and stronger
and more wholesome and good
for life in the future,
than some good memory,
especially a memory of childhood, of home.
If a man carries many such memories with him into life,
he is safe to the end of his days."

"We fill in gaps in our memory using chains of events
that are logically acceptable.
Our biases, expectations, and past knowledge
are all used in the filling-in process,
leading to distortions in what we remember."
-- Elizabeth Loftus/ MEMORY --

"I am no longer competing for space in other people's memories."
-- Adrienne Rich/ OF WOMAN BORN --

"Simonides was a poet of ancient Greece
who was famous for his ability to give long recitations
entirely from memory.
His secret was to tie each successive part
of a to-be-remembered poem or speech
to a specific locale within the mental floor-plan
of either an actual or imagined temple.
For each successive subsection of the talk to be given,
Simonides would mentally walk
from place to place within the temple,
rehearsing the appropriate material
before the same specific piece of statuary."
-- Nicholas Negroponte --


"I once remember mornings, rich and still
When cloudy dragons floated above every hill
And robins sang The Preludes heard by Lizst
To water violins concealed in mist."
-- May Sarton --

"We often berate ourselves for thinking that we no longer love
a dead relative or friend,
but that is because we are unable to remember them
wholly or completely.
True love and true memory
emerge at unexpected times:
an old glove at the bottom of a drawer,
a fragrance in a crowd that was hers,
a night spent in a particular room.
We dissolve in tears,
crushed beneath a flower-stalk of remembrance."