Love Quotes

"Love is the abiity to accept and enjoy the beauty
which another has to offer, without the need to
understand or possess completely."
-- Lawrence Durrell --


"It is the terrible deception of love
that it begins by engaging us in play,
not with a woman of the external world,
but with a puppet,
fashioned and kept in our brain;
the only form of her, moreover,
that we have always at our disposal,
the only one that we shall ever possess...
an artificial creation to which, by degrees,
and to our own hurt,
we shall force the real woman into resemblance."
-- Marcel Proust/ REMEMBRANCE OF

"We love those who can lead us to a
place we will never reach without them."
-- Norman Mailer --

"When two people fall in love,
there's a sudden rush of magic.
Magic is just naturally present then.
We tend to feed on that gratuitous magic
without striving to make any more.
One day, we wake up and find that the magic has gone.
We hustle to get it back, but by then,
it's usually too late.
What we have to do is work hard
at making additional magic right from the start.
It's hard work, but if we remember to do it,
we greatly improve our chances of making love stay."
-- Tom Robbins/ STILL LIFE WITH

"We can never understand why people
love each other because, to the lover,
they show a side we do not know.
It is the lover who operates
a transformation, and it is to this
lover we give our fulles self.
We outsiders never see the enlarged human being
who appears in the spotlight of an intense love."

"Love means assuming responsibility
for another human being.
Love involves a decision: not to be
indifferent to the sufferings, the
sicknesses and failures, to the
false hopes, the mistakes and
disappointments, to the terrifying
limitations and the final death of
someone else."

(Author Unknown)