Forgiveness Quotes


"Forgiveness is a process
through which we seek to free ourselves
from the bondage to another person,
a relationship that is maintained
for as long as we stand in judgement of them."
-- Joan Borysenko --


"The psychological case for forgiveness
is overwhelmingly persuasive.
Not to forgive is to be imprisoned by the past,
by old grievances, that do not permit life
to proceed with new business.
Not to forgive is to yield yourself to another's control.
If one does not forgive, then one is controlled
by the other's initiatives,
and is locked into a sequence of action,
a response of outrage and revenge.
The present is overwhelmed and devoured by the past.
Those who do not forgive are those who are least capable
of changing the circumstances of their lives.
In this sense, forgiveness is a shrewd and practical strategy
for a person or a nation to pursue,
for forgiveness frees the forgiver."
-- Robin Casarjian --

...Deciding not to forgive someone, because remaining angry gives you more power."
-- Carolyn Myss --

"I doubt that I have learned as much in life
as a reasonably long lifetime should be expected to provide
(I write this in my 74th year),
but a few things stand out.
I have learned that life is an adventure in forgiveness.
Nothing clutters the soul more than remorse,
resentment, recrimination.
Negative feelings occupy a fearsome amount of space in the mind,
blocking our perceptions, our prospects, our pleasures.
Forgiveness is a gift we need to give,
not only to others but to ourselves,
freeing us from self- punishment
and enabling us to see a wider horizon in life
than is possible under circumstances of guilt or grudge.

There are times when we may feel wronged,
betrayed, deceived, humiliated.
It would be unhealthy not to react against the outrage.
But limits need to be set to the emotional punishment such resentments and anger,
however justified, can inflict on us.

Certainly we ought not to grant others the right to give us ulcers.
Forgetfulness can be an asset in such cases.
Forgetfulness is generally regarded as a defect.
But forgetfulness, allied to forgiveness,
is a way of erasing the smudges in the mind
that come from prolonged brooding over taunts
or insults or injustices, real or imagined.
Among the prime assets of the human mind
is the ability to cut loose from vengeful or burdensome memories.
The easiest way to deepen a grievance is to cling to it.
The surest way to intensify an illness is to blame oneself or the Deity."
-- Norman Cousins --