Environment Quotes


"We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong,
we may begin to use it with love and respect."
-- Aldo Leopold/ A SAND COUNTY ALMANAC --

"Our deepest folly is the notion that we are in charge of the place;
that we own it and can somehow run it.
We are beginning to treat the Earth as a sort of domesticated household pet, living in an environment invented by us,
part kitchen-garden, part park, part zoo."
-- Kirkpatick Sale/ DWELLERS IN THE LAND --


"What is bad for the beehive
cannot be good for the bees."
-- Marcus Aureius/ MEDITATIONS --

"The Indians addressed all of life as a 'Thou' --
the trees, the stones, everything.
You can address anything as a 'Thou,'
and if you do it,
you can feel the changes in your own psychology.
The ego that sees a 'Thou'
is not the same ego that sees an 'it.'"
-- Joseph Campbell/ THE POWER OF MYTH --

"The biosphere, or living membrane that covers our planet,
might be compared to the film of water
which clings to an orange that has been wet."
-- Loren Eiseley --

"If we are to be properly humble in our use of the world,
we need places that we do not use at all.
We need the experience of leaving something alone.
We need places that we forbear to change,
or influence by our presence,
or impose on even by our understanding;
places that we accept as influences upon us,
not the other way around;
that we enter with the sense, the pleasure,
of having nothing to do there;
places that we must enter in a kind of cultural nakedness,
without comfort or tools,
to submit rather than conquer.
We need what other ages would have called 'Sacred Groves.'"