Death Quotes


"It is impossible that anything so natural,
so necessary, and so universal as death,
should ever have been designed as an evil to mankind."
--Jonathan Swift --

"We are rather like a plastic bag of seawater
sinking into the fathomless depths of some infinite ocean.
At the moment of death, or 'ego-death,'
the plastic bag, by which we maintained
all sense of our separate existence,
suddenly disintegrates and disappears, leaving no trace.
The water we identified as our 'self' may appear lost --
or the whole of the warm and boundless sea may be seen as gained."
-- Keith Floyd --

(this is Keith Floyd, the philosopher from Carolina, not the popular travel writer).

"Life is a great surprise.
I do not see why death should not be an even greater one."
-- Vladimir Nabokov --

"Nobody knows, in fact, what death is;
nor whether to man,
it is not perchance the greatest of all blessings.
Yet people fear death as if they surely knew it to be the worst of evils."
-- Socrates (in) Plato's APOLOGY --


Is life a pregnancy? That would make death a birth."
-- Florida Scott-Maxwell / THE MEASURE OF MY DAYS --

"Death is nothing else but a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.
That's what death is all about."
-- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross --