Old Age Quotes


"A fruitfly is ancient in 40 days,
a mouse at 3 years,
a horse at 30,
a man at 100,
and some species of
tortoises not until 150 years."
-- Leonard Hayflick --

"There are people in their sixties
who suffer when they lose friends
or relatives of their generation,
from the loss of a certain image of themselves
that the dead possessed;
with him, there vanishes a part of youth
or childhood that he alone remembered."
-- Simone de Beauvoir/ THE COMING OF AGE --

"The heart does not grow old,
but it is sad to dwell among ruins."
-- Voltaire --


"The aging of man is accepted.
He can age like a bronze statue,
acquire a patina, character and quality
like that of architecture.
The aging of woman is like crushed satin, wilted flowers.
We do not forgive a woman aging.
We demand that her dewy, ephemeral quality
that we call beauty never change."

"One of the fearful developments
in the consciousness of many old people
is that, in the eyes of society,
they have become another species."
-- Ronald Blythe/ THE VIEW IN WINTER


"The invisible life of the thing
goes up in flames that are invisible,
like cellophane burning in the sunlight."
-- Galway Kinnell --