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Virgin Coconut Oil

Pure, virgin coconut oil is wonderful for your skin. I use it every third day, rubbing it into the skin of my entire body. On the other two days, I use jojoba
oil, and a homemade blend of almond, sesame, and castor oil. There's no cut-in-stone recipe for the oil blend. I usually mix about 40 percent almond oil, 40 percent sesame oil, and 20 percent castor oil. I buy the best oils I can find at Whole Foods Market. I'm out in the tropical sun every day, but I don't seem to get burned. And I NEVER use sunscreen, as I'm sure you don't. My skin likes the nut and seed oils, so I'll stick with them. I buy my coconut oil from Tropical
Traditions in the Phillipines. I think it's the world's best. I buy a gallon at a time, and they ship that for free. You probably use their product, too. If not, the
website is: The phone number is 1-866-311-2626. And, no, I don't work for them or anybody. A gallon of Tropical Tradition's
Virgin Coconut oil isn't cheap. But in the long run, it's lots less expensive than all those over-priced skin cremes that come in tiny bottles. A gallon lasts me a long time. I also eat a tablespoonful of coconut oil every day, and then chase it with two tablepoons of organic, tomato pasta sauce. There are all kinds of health benefits, especially for your eyes.

And at the end of every day. perhaps a hour to half-hour before bedtime, I rub coconut oil into my feet; tired feet that took me for long walks on the nearby beach here in South Florida. My feet LOVE the coconut oil! And since I began this process, the skin on my entire body is cleaner and more elastic; it's well lubricated. I pick a time when I won't be moving off the couch for 30 minutes; usually around 9 P.M. I take an old towel, fold it in half, and put it under my bare feet. Then I rub the coconut oil into my feet and calves. By 9:30, the oil on my ankles and calves is still noticeable, but the soles of my feet are pretty dry. By 10 P.M., I'm in bed. That seems to work for me. I live a quiet. solitary life, so I can select a half-hour, and know that I won't have to move.

I also use aloe and coconut oil to remove a bright red birthmark that had been in the middle of my left palm since birth. Only a vague trace of it still shows. By this time next year, it will be completely gone.

Coconut oil congeals at around 76 degrees. My kitchen is warmer than the rest of this apt, so the coconut oil in the pantry is liquid. But the little jar I use on my feet, that sits next to the couch, is semi-solid. So is the jar in the bathroom. Actually, I find it easier to rub in the coconut oil when it's congealed. I don't spill any. However, a tablespoonful of the congealed oil, isn't very appetizing-looking; kind of like eating vaseline. But if you keep the eating-oil in a warm spot, it will stay liquid.

TT Virgin Coconut Oil would be the best product to take internally. It's a saturated fat, but your body NEEDS some good saturated fats. The Virgin Coconut
oil contains nutrients that will satisfy your body's needs, and quell any hunger pangs.

Highly processed oils -- the kind your supermarket sells -- are dead foods. Those oils have no life, no energy. So when you eat them, your body's needs are NOT satisfied, and you feel "hungry." Your body is hungry for living food that is full of living energy. It's up to you to give it what it needs. If you eat mostly living foods, drink lots of water, and avoid all the dietary horrors, you won't put on weight. My weight hasn't varied an ounce in 28+ years.

Last thought: I'm a spiritual person and a big believer in the mind=body connection. So when I rub the oil into my skin, I TALK to my skin! I tell my skin to take this healing oil, and use it to cleanse, lubricate, heal, tighten, and beautify. If that doesn't sound too, too strange, you might want to give it a try. My body listens to what I tell it.

I just finished reading a fascinating book entitled VIRGIN COCONUT OIl. It was a freebie with my last order of Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil. There's an entire chapter, devoted to stories of pets, who were cured of all kinds of illnesses and conditions, by adding Virgin Coconut Oil to their eating-regimens. Once the pets had a taste of it, they wanted more -- It's something to consider. If I had cats or dogs, I would at least offer them the coconut oil.