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Veggie Protein

Most vegetarians get more than enough protein to keep their bodies healthy. And most meat-eaters get much too much protein -- which causes all kinds of
terrible problems.

In addition to the natural protein which is in vegetables, I supplement my eating-regimen with green superfoods, fresh ground flaxseed, and sterilized hemp
seeds (which I buy from a source in Canada). All of these supplements contain lots of usable protein. I also take a spoonful of whey protein in the morning, and another at night. Dr. David Williams' April newsletter is full of wonderful information about the numerous benefits of whey protein.

I sugggest you don't eat eggs, unless you KNOW they come from free-range chickens. Even then, I'd pass them up. Chicken is probably THE most toxic meat available in America today. It is loaded with chemicals, antibiotics, and other horrors. What goes into the chickens, ends up in their eggs.

If you feel the need for flesh-food, eat a can of sardines. Costco sells Crown Prince sardines, which are caught in northern Norway; as clean a stretch of ocean as still exists. I used to eat a tin of those sardines perhaps once a week. They're delicious right out of the tin. Just drain off the oil. Sardines are full of nutrients that your body can put to good use. ( I have not eaten fish in a year now, in 2006 ) Prior to that, this was the only fish product I used once a week.