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The pancreatic enzymes are a good idea. However, you should also take a digestive enzyme tablet with every meal. VERY important -- especially if you're eating lots of dead, processed food.

You also should take at least one probiotic tablet every day? Why? Because the pharma-meds you take have undoubtedly killed off all the good bacteria in your intestinal tract. Antibiotic literally means "anti-life" They kill ALL the bacteria, both good and bad. It will take you a few months to re-establish the normal colony of healthy bacteria that are critical to good health. If you eat some fermented foods like sauerkraut, that will also help your digestion.

I have used Jarrow-Dophilus + FOS, as my probiotic. FOS are natural carbohydrates that enhance replication of beneficial bacteria. It contains six (6) different strains of good bacteria, for a total of 3.4 billion organisms.

I buy it from They sell 200 capsules for $14.99, and they're always having sales. Tunies is a very good and inexpensive source for all kinds of supplements. Their order phone is 1-800-645-0940.