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Owen's Diet

Here's what I eat, day in and day out. All of the fruits and vegetables are organic.

Upon waking, I drink two glasses of distilled water, produced by my Waterwise 9000 distiller. That quickly cleans out my colon. Then I meditate for an hour, and say prayers and affirmations for 15
minutes. At 7:15 A.M., it's time for
BREAKFAST: I eat a banana, a grapefruit, and a slice of fresh
pineapple. I also dice a clove of garlic and eat it with a spoonful
of cilantro-pesto. I eat two dried prunes. Then I pour 5 oz of fresh
juice, and mix into it either:
(1)Dr. Schulze 's Superfood,

(2) Ron Teeguarden's Tonic Alchemy, or
(3) Jon Barron's Accelerator.

I alternate them. I drink the juice along with a packet of Dr. David
Williams' wonderful multiple, Daily Advantage. I also use his
Vision Advantage capsules. At dinner, I take identical doses of
both supplements. The last breakfast item is 4,000 mg of powdered vitamin C, mixed in the juice. By bedtime, I will have taken 14,000 mg of vitamin C.

MID-MORNING: I drink another glass of juice, into which I mix a spoonful of:
(1) Lewis Labs Brewers Yeast Buds,
(2) Whey Protein,
(3) Solgar Lecithin Flakes

. I also eat a heaping spoonful of organic miso, and take a spoonful of Carlson's fish oil.

l P.M. -- I eat a 6 oz container of Stoneyfield organic, non-fat yogurt.
I dice another clove of garlic into it, and add a tablespoon of rice bran. Then, depending on the day, I load up the yogurt with either:
(1) dried fruits
(2) nuts
(3) seeds.

I also dice a Brazil nut every day and add it to the mix. It's a wonderful source of selenium. This yogurt is thick and truly delicious; a meal in itself.

LATE AFTERNOON: I eat an orange, a slice of melon, and either a
nectarine, mango, or avocado. I also use my mini coffee grinder to grind up a heaping spoonful of bee pollen and 3 or 4 tablespoons of organic golden flax seed. That goes into a glass of juice, with either
a spoonful of:

(1) Greens+,
(2) powdered wheatgrass, or
(3) powdered barleygrass.

I alternate them over a three-day period.

7:30 P.M. -- A big salad with EVERYTHING in it! I start with a
cupful of Earthbound Farms Spring Mix, a delightful blend of organic
salad greens. I add homegrown sprouts. Next I dice another clove
of garlic, chop up an apple, a carrot, and a celery stalk, add raisins, Bubbie's sauerkraut, and six cherry tomatoes. I heat one of Lundberg's Tamari rice cakes in the toaster-oven for 3 minutes (to make it crisp), and then crumble it into the salad. Then I add some diced raw onion, which I soaked in distilled water for an hour. That
seems to eliminate the onion "bite." Next I add seaweed: Every night,
I add some dulse flakes and agar- agar. On alternate nights, I add
Nori or Kombu or Alaria or Wakame. I cut the seaweed with a scissors
into small pieces. In it goes.

Most nights, I add one-half can of either albacore tuna or salmon
(both wild-caught), or a small tin of sardines. If I'm not very hungry,
I pass on the fish. My dressings are Hain's apple cider vinegar and
virgin coconut oil. Last, I sprinkle on some spices and top it off with
a dollop of Bragg's Liquid Aminos.

Then I say the prayer I always say when I'm about to eat anything:
"You are my food. May the best of you, become the best of me."

BED-TIME: I mix a level teaspoonful of Pure Synergy superfood into a
small glass of juice. By 10 P.M., I'm in the Land of Nod.

That's it, Kathryn! I love those foods like the old friends they've
become. I never tire of them, and I don't think I ever will. They truly
DO become the best of me! I hope that some of them become the best of you.

Bon Appetit!