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No Milk

Unless you're a young calf, you shouldn't be drinking milk at all. There are 1 million animal species, and human beings are the ONLY ones who drink the milk of another species. Human babies need to drink their mother's milk, but once they are weaned, it's best to stop drinking milk.

Researchers have found as many as 100 antibiotics in American milk. in addition to growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and a toxic stew of other chemicals.

There's a plague of disgestive illnesses and candida in the USA, and I place much of the blame on the antibiotic-laden dairy products. If you drink milk every day, eat cottage cheese, or ice cream, those antibiotics are killing off the beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract. That leads to a whole host of serious problems.

I strongly suggest you banish milk from your diet. Substitute distilled water, and fresh veggie and fruit juices. Milk is for baby cows, not for human beings. Your body will thank you for that wise decision.