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Low Magnesium & Chocolate Craving

I'm going to give you some suggestions for overcoming this craving. But first, a few reasons why processed chocolate is no good for you.

Most chocoholics have a magnesium- poor diet, and crave chocolate to improve the magnesium levels in their body. Chocolate has higher levels of magnesium than any other food except seaweeds like dulse and alaria.

But chocolate is also extremely rich in oxalic acid, which is why your blood is acidic. In addition, chocolate contains theobromine, a caffein-like substance which is no good for you. When you eat large amounts of chocolate daily, it prevents your body from providing itself with the proper amount and proportion of ingredients it needs.

So you need to do two things: First, you need to provide your body with good sources of magnesium. There are hundreds of delicious sources: nuts and seeds, especially almonds; wheatgrass and barleygrass and powdered green superfoods; seaweeds like alaria, kombu, wakame, & nori; most beans; corn, rye, and rice -- the list goes on and on.

However, dairy, eggs, meat, and fruit contain the least amount of magnesium. Don't give up on fruit! You eat it for other nutrients. But say goodbye to animal products.

Chocolate candy bars are nearly always made with mucus-forming refined sugar and processed milk. Except for their delicous taste, there is little good that you can say about them. You have to make up your mind FIRMLY that chocolate bars are no longer going to be part of your life.

So how do your get over the craving? In time, the safe sources of magnesium will lessen that craving. Until then, here are two simple substitutes for chocolate that will satsify any chocoholic. They come from David Wolfe's wonderful book, THE SUNFOOD DIET SUCCESS SYSTEM.

1) You need eight (8) dates (the food, not the escorts), twenty (20) pitted, black, sun-ripened olives, and one (1) tablespoon of raw carob powder. Pit the dates. Then blend these ingredients together. Use a dash of Virgin Coconut Oil or coconut water as a flowing agent. Experiment with the ratios of dates to olives. Perhaps you can come up with a better liquid to make it more blendable; maybe some fresh juice.

2) You need ten (10) dates and ten (10) almonds. Pit the dates. Insert an almond into the pit-hole of each date. Then put one of the almond/ dates in your mouth, and chew it thoroughly. Savor the exquisite taste! The good news is that you have nine more taste-treats just like that, whenever you want them. And the almond provides usable magnesium: a win-win situation!

Give one or both of those a try, and banish your cravings for chocolate, once and for all.