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Iodine for Thyroid : Seaweeds, Coconut Oil & Chelating

All the authorities I trust say that your body will benefit from the kind of supplemental iodine found in seaweed.

If you were taking a supplemental iodine in liquid form -- and lots of it -- that might be a different story. But when you eat any natural food, like dulse or wakame or alaria, your body takes what it needs, and discards what it doesn't.

The bottom line is that your thyroid doesn't seem to be working right. If you eat some seaweed every day for the rest of your life, chances are good that your thyroid gland will work perfectly. And the rest of your cells will benefit from the 90+ nutrients in seaweed.

I've been eating seaweed daily for years, and it certainly hasn't hurt me. I suggest you give it a try for 3 or 4 months, and see how you feel at the end of that time. I'm sure you will feel much healthier.

Certain seaweeds remove radioactive and toxic metal wastes from the body. The top three at removing these toxins are Agar-Agar, Hijike, and Arame.

Go to the best health food store in your area. It will have a small section with packaged seaweeds.The most popular items are Dulse flakes, Wakame, Kombu Kelp, Alaria, and Nori. Those five are all dark in color. Agar-Agar is white flakes, and usually costs a bit more than the others. The store manager could order Hijike and Arame for you, if they don't currently stock it.

I have containers of six seaweeds in my pantry. I alternate most of them on successive nights, though I eat Agar-Agar and Dulse flakes every day. How? I add them to my nightly salad. That's easy to do with the dulse and Agar-Agar flakes. But the others are hard and must be cut with a sharp scissors. Example: I hold a piece of, say, Kombu Kelp, which is as long as my index finger. Then I carefully use the scissors to dice it into small pieces. You can also make soups with the seaweeds if you prefer.

Seaweeds contain 10 to 20 times the minerals of land plants, as well as necessary vitamins. And the nutrients in seaweed are much more assimilable (absorbable) than land-plants. Seaweeds are a superb source of iodine, which your glands need to function well (particularly your thyroid gland).

All of us spent our first 9 months of life, gestating in a saline solution in the womb that was nourished and cleansed by blood that has almost the same composition as sea water. Human beings have very deep ties to the sea. Our cells and organs neeed the nutrients in clean seaweed.

Also check out Andreas's excellent suggestions, and then consider adding seaweed to your eating regimen.

In addition, lots of calcium that is easily assimilated, seaweeds contain more than 90 minerals which our bodies need -- and in just the right proportions.

Also virgin coconut oil is very good for waking up sluggish thyroids. I've read a lot of impressive testimonials, mostly from women, whose thyroid problems disappeared after they began eating two or three tablespoons of virgin coconut oil each day. Tropical Traditions and Nutiva are both good brands.

Third, I suggest you become a vegetarian, if you're not already one.