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Flaxseed: Fresh Ground Is Best

You DON'T want to buy seeds that are already ground. Why? Because flaxseed loses much of its vitality soon after it's ground. You want to grind it, and the mix the ground seed into juice, and drink it.

Fresh-ground flaxseed is full of fibrous lignans and omega 3 fats which are crucial to good health. Try to get organic, GOLDEN flaxseed. If that's not available, get the dark, organic seed. But don't buy the non-organic seed. That's a different breed of animal, and is used for industrial products.

Barlean's is a fine flaxseed oil. I used it for 20 years, but when you grind your own, you don't have to worry if the bottle of flax oil you bought ever sat in the back of a truck or a warehouse, unrefrigerated for a time.

I grind four (4) tablespoons a day of golden, organic flax seed, mix it into fresh juice, and drink it. You'll find that the drink is thick; you will probably need a spoon to get the last of the flax out of the bottom of your glass.

You can add the ground flaxseed to ANYTHING. Yes, add it your organic yogurt. There's no need to grind it any more. I like to add it to juice, either fresh, or the 365 pure grape juice that Whole Foods Market sells. You can add it to cottage cheese, and get the anti-cancer benefits of the Budwig Protocol. Just don't let the ground seed sit around for a couple of days before you eat it. Sooner is better. Soonest is best

The whole process of grinding takes maybe 30 seconds. There's no clean- up. You just use a dry towel to wipe the dust from the grinder. Very, VERY easy. I hope you'll opt for grinding your own flaxseed.

I use a little Proctor-Silex coffee grinder to grind my flaxseed. It costs about $13.00. I bought three Proctor-Silex coffee grinders from the man who runs this website. I called in my order, because I'm not good at ordering onlline. His phone number is 1-801-319-9445. A friend bought one last month, and it was shipped promptly. I think the seller is named Jesse or JJ. at :