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Benefits Of Vitamin C

Have any of you or your friends ever taken mega-doses of vitamin C, either intravenously or intramuscularly? I ask because I recently read Dr. Thomas Levy's
eye-opening book, VITAMIN C, INFECTIOUS DISEASES, AND TOXINS. I recommend it to everyone who visits this forum.

I thought I knew a lot about vitamin C -- I've been taking 6 to 10 grams per day (6,000 to 10,000 mg) for the last 26 years -- butI knew little or nothing about the stunning power of vitamin C to cure, prevent, or reverse an astonishing number of illnesses, degenerative conditions, poisonings, infections, and toxic overloads, when it's administered in mega-doses. Let's consider a mega-dose to be 20,000 to 100,000 mg, and sometimes higher.

Dr. Levy exhaustively researched the existing medical literature on vitamin C for the last 70 years. Indeed, 144 pages of his 446 page book are reference lists of the precise medical studies from which he extrapolated all this little-known information.

That may sound dull and academic. Believe me, it isn't. Here's a short list of illnesses which doctors have CURED or PREVENTED using mega-doses of vitamin C through drip-needles: (1) acute Hepatitis (2) Polio (3) Measles (4) Mumps (5) Chicken Pox (6) Herpes (7) Viral Pneumonia (8) Streptococcal infections (9) Dysentery (10) Diptheria (11) Influenza.

Here's another list of medical horrors which Dr. Levy says are REVERSIBLE and PREVENTABLE. (1) HIV (2) Tuberculosis (3) Typhoid Fever (4) Leprosy. Vitamin C has also been used successfully to treat the following poisonings: (1) Carbon Monoxide (2) alcohol (3) barbiturates (4) pesticides (5) raditation (6) all the heavy metals (7) mushrooms (8) snake & spider venom. He adds that "both Lupus and MS respond well to high-dose vitamin C therapy." (p.404)

It turns out that Dr. Frederick Klenner did much of the ground-breaking work with mega-doses of vitamin C back in the 1940s and 1950s. In 1949, Dr. Klenner CURED 60 out of 60 polio patients -- all within 72 hours! -- by giving them massive doses of intravenous vitamin C. None of the patients suffered any of the deformities common to polio patients.

I was in 4th grade in 1949, and I'd like to have known about that. So would my parents. So would all the children and parents of those years who lived in daily fear of polio paralysis.

Did this information ever become common knowledge? Of course not! Alas, we live in a culture where all the money is to be made at the wrong end of the pipeline.: by treating the symptoms of horrific diseases with expensive and unnecessary surgery, lethal radiation, poisonous chemotherapy, and dangerous prescription drugs...instead of preventing the illnesses from occurring in the first place. There's no money to be made in prevention! You can't patent vitamin C. So that's why its superb record as a healing substance has been known only to a few alternative doctors and academics.

The root of the problem for human beings is that our bodies are unable to synthesize, to produce, any vitamin C whatsoever. Out of a million different animal species, only FOUR have livers which are incapable of synthesizing their own vitamin C: humans, the other primates, fruit bats, and guinea pigs.

I weigh 140 lbs. A goat my size will produce about 13 grams of vitamin C every day. That's enough to keep him healthy in most circumstances. But if he's wounded or suffers a massive infection, the goat -- and virtually all other wild animals -- can synthesize as much as 100,000 additional mgs (100 grams) of vitamin C to get him through the crisis. You and I can't do that. And since few of us take 13 grams a day of oral vitamin C, we get sick in staggering numbers.

Can you overdose of vitamin C? Does vitamin C cause kidney stones? The answer to both questions is "NO!" "In Australia alone," says Dr. Levy, some 100 physicians have administered as much as 300,000 mg of vitamin C PER DAY to their patients. In most cases, the results have been spectacular. The only side
effect is chronic good health."

Since reading the book, I've upped my daily ante to 14,000 mg of vitamin C. And apparently my old body is putting it to good use. If not, if I didn't need that much, I'd be experiencing what is called vitamin C "bowel tolerance:" loose stools and mild diarrhea.

That's the test; that's how you know your upper limit. Dr.Levy says that chronic cancer patients can have bowel tolerances of 100,000 mg or higher.

If anything in this message resonates with you, please read Dr. Levy's book before you decide to mega-dose yourself with vitamin C.

Scurvey! There's a word you remember from your high school history class. Scurvey killed tens of thousands of sailors in the 1600's and 1700's. It wasn't until 1753 that a young British doctor, James Lind, made the connection between lack of fresh fruit and scurvey. And then it took another 40 years before the Admiralty ordered the crews of seagoing ships to let lemons and limes with every meal. Scurvey was eradicated. It was the vitamin C in those citrus fruits that saved so many lives.

West Nile Virus: from Dr. Thomas Levy, the man who's taken Linus Pauling's place as the guru of vitamin C in mega-doses.

Dr. Levy said that he had cured two cases of West Nile Virus in Boulder, Colorado. He sent a cover story from The Boulder Weekly which corroborated his claim.

Two men, one 68 and the other, 55, were cured of year-long cases of West Nile Virus when Dr. Levy gave them mega-doses of vitamin C intravenously. The older man was cured in 30 hours. The younger men had three drip-infusions, and was pronounced cured. Dr. Levy's website is:
Vitamin C does NOT cause the formation of kidney stones. That's one of those lies that has been floated by the pharamaceutical industry and the allopathic medical community. Doctor Levy discusses that erroneous belief on pp. 385-390 of his book.

Dr.Levy says that chronic cancer patients can have bowel tolerances of 100,000 mg or higher.

Another thought: if you take mega- doses of vitamin C, then make sure you take it in the form of sodium ascorabate crystals -- NOT as ascorbic acid.

If your digestive system is already overly acidic -- and most Americans are in that category -- then 10,000 mg of acidic vitamin C might well cause you to throw up. In the last 28 years, I haven't had any colds or flu. But on at least a dozen occasions, and always with sick people, I've been hit with a sneeze from nowhere, and I knew -- KNEW -- that a cold was imminent. In each instance, I had vitamin C available, and I took 2,000 to 4,000 mgs. In each instance, that killed the fledgling cold. The same technique has worked for numerous friends of mine.

The key is to take the vitamin C immediately. I hope the wise among you will carry some 1,000 mg tablets in a small container. If you do so, you can virtually eliminate colds and flu from your life.

Even if you take mega-doses of vitamin C, as I do, there will come a day when -- out of the blue -- you'll sneeze suddenly, and KNOW that a cold is about to grab you. You all know the kind of sneeze I'm referring to. Maybe your nose twitches a bit; maybe your eyes water; and then comes that first sneeze; the first of what will be many to follow. If AT THAT EXACT MOMENT, you take 2,000 to 4,000 mg of vitamin C, you will knock out the cold 99 times out of 100.

But you can't wait an hour to take the vitamin C; you can't wait till dinner time. You have to take a healthy dose WITHIN MINUTES of the invasive sneeze. Should you sneeze again, double the previous dosage.

That's why I carry vitamin C tablets in my car; 1000 mg tablets. You never know when someone is going to infect you; someone whose cold or flu is stronger than your daily mega-dose.

f you take just a few thousand milligrams of viamin C in the form of ascorbic acid each day, it probably won't make your system acidic.

But if you take mega-doses like I do (14,000 mg each day; that's 14 grams), then you need to take most of your vitamin C as sodium ascorbate crystals (powder). Of that 14,000 mg each day, I take about 3,000 in the traditional form of ascorbic acid (powder form), and the other 11,000 as sodium ascorbate.

If you go to a clinic for an intravenous dose of vitamin C, they use sodium ascorbate liquid. People have been given up to 300,000 mg of intravenous vitamin C in ONE DAY, without any side effects. Dr. Levy recommends AGAINST using calcium ascorbate if you're going to take mega- doses. And since regular
ascorbate acid can give you acid indigestion in mega-doses, that leaves sodium ascorbate