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Bee Pollen

I began eating bee pollen about 10 years ago. I'd read good things about it, and decided to add a teaspoonful to my mid-day yogurt. A few years later, when I began grinding my own golden flaxseed, I added the daily spoonful of bee pollen to the flaxseed, and ground them up together. I still do that today. Grinding the bee pollen makes sure that all its many nutrients are easily assimilated by my body.

Turns out I made a very wise decision in adding bee pollen to my eating regimen. It's only recently I've learned what a truly superb food it is. I'd like to share some of that information with you today. Much of it comes from Dr. Felix Murat's little book. Bee Pollen: Miracle Food, and Paul Pitchford's book, Healing With Whole Foods. I also did some reseach on the net.

What is it? Bee pollen consists of blended pollen grains that are collected by honeybees, from a wide variety of plants. It contains EVERY vitamin known, as well as all 22 elements needed by our bodies. Bee pollen contains ALL the amino acids which are indispensable for our diet, and which our bodies cannot make or synthesize.

Bee pollen is 30 to 40 percent protein. one-half of its protein is in the form of those amino acids I just mentioned, so your body can use them immediately. Bee pollen contains 25 trace elements, and many active enzymes and co-enzymes. Nearly 10 percent of bee pollen consists of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids -- a perfect blend of these much-needed fatty acids. Bee pollen contains more protein than beef, eggs, or cheese.

The Greeks and Romans called bee pollen the"life giving dust," and the secret "ambrosia." There are some people who think you could live on bee pollen alone. One of these days, I may try it. The United States Dept of Agriculture had this to say about bee pollen (back in the 1960s, before big industry took over so many government agencies). "Bee pollen is the most nutritious food you can eat. It contains every nutrient required to sustain and support life in a pure, raw, unadulterated form." In French labs, mice have been kept alive for 6 months, perfectly healthy, with no other food except bee pollen.

In addition to being perhaps the perfect nutritional food, bee pollen has a proven reputation as a healing food. Here are some of the illnesses and degenerative conditions that bee pollen has been known to heal.

1) Bee pollen destroys harmful bacteria in the intestines. It contains a natural antibiotic which destroys salmonella and other harmful bacteria.

2) Bee pollen has an astounding record at reversing prostate cancer and prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate). Many men who were scheduled for prostate surgery, were able to cancel the operations after eating bee pollen daily for several months. I will list a website at the end of this message, where you can read some compelling
testimonials to bee pollen's healing power. If you're a man in your 30s or 40s, and you want to eliminate all worries about prostate cancer, begin eating a spoonful of bee pollen every day.

3) Bee pollen is wonderful for eliminating allergies like Hay Fever. You should begin eating it 6 weeks before allergy season. The bee pollen (not to be confused with flower pollen) immunizes your immune system.

4) Bee pollen reduces the craving for alcohol and street drugs and other addictions.

5) It's great for chronic constipation or diarrhea, as well as other intestinal problems.

6) Bee pollen helps to overcome retardation and other developmental problems in children. Mentally retarded children often respond to doses of bee pollen and glutamic acid.

7) Bee pollen helps chelate (flush out) poisons and toxins from the human body.

8) It helps overcome infertility in women, and makes men more sexually potent.

9) Bee pollen is useful during pregnancy and lactation. It helps a woman to build energy.

10) It helps relieve diabetic symptoms.

11) Bee pollen helps prevent communicable diseases, like colds and flu.

12) Bee pollen provides the nutrients that our immune systems need to remain at peak efficiency.

13) It helps lessen depression, and is believed to slow down the aging process.

14) Bee pollen can help children with ADD, or those who suffer from aenemia.

15) It is thought to protect against radiation. and to have anti-cancer qualities.

16) And last but hardly least, bee pollen will help lower blood pressure. Most of you know that more people die from heart attacks caused by high blood pressure, than any other single illness. Here's how it works.

Each of us has 35,000 miles of blood capillaries. If you put them end-to-end, they would easily stretch completely around the Earth. The SAD diet creates thick, viscous, dirty blood, and this nasty sludge accumulates in your capillaries. If just a fraction of those many miles of capillaries in your brain should burst, it can kill you or leave you
partially or permanently paralyzed.

Bee pollen helps clean the blood. It flushes out the impurities which cause high blood pressure. It helps oxygen to reach all your cells, especially those in your brain. If you eat a sane and healthy diet, and eat some bee pollen every day, you won't have to worry
about heart attacks or strokes.

You can buy bee pollen in almost any health food store. About 6 years ago, I ran across a small company in the woods of Wisconsin called Beehive Botanicals. I buy my bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly capsules from them. I do NOT work for them, or have
any arrangements with them! Not them and not anybody! But I like to share my resources, just as many of us do at CZ. I enjoy Giving Back to people like you who share my values.

Their website is:
Their phone number is 1-800-233-4483
During July and December, Beehive Botanicals sells everything 2 for 1. So if you buy a pound of bee pollen for $17.00, you get an extra pound free. This is the time of year I stock up on their products. Two pounds of bee pollen lasts one person a LONG time.

You can also do a Search of the net. There are many sources of quality bee pollen. Trust your intuition.

While you're on the net, go to this website and read some of the compelling testimonials.

It's the GC Life Center for Health. When you get to the homepage, click down about 14 times, and you'll come to the testimonials. I think you'll be impressed, as I was -- espcially you men who want to avoid prostate cancer.

That's all for now! Thanks for staying with me. I hope some of this information resonates with you. The regulars here at CZ know that I would never recommend something which I hadn't used myself for years. Bee pollen is one of the reasons I'm radiantly healthy
at 65.

Final thought: When you eat the bee pollen, thank all the little bees who created this wonderful food for you. Honeybees work 8 hours a day, and live only 4 to 6 weeks. We are in their debt. Thank them, and thank all the beings who had anything to do with putting
your good food in front of you; not just bee pollen, but every food that is alive. The grace I say before eating any living food is this: "You are my food. May the very best of you, become the very best of me." Try saying it for a couple of months. It will come to seem very natural and very right.

Enjoy your bee pollen in good health!