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Apples: Pectin & Cyanide 

Apples are very good for you -- I've eaten one every day for the last 30 years -- but I'm careful NOT to eat any of the seeds. Why? Because apple seeds contain a cyanide compound that could make you very, very sick if you ate enough of them.

However, if you feel compelled to eat apple seeds, then eat them whole. Don't chew them and don't grind them. The whole seeds will pass though your intestinal tract as roughage, and cause no harm. But when you chew them or grind them, the seeds release the cyanide into your system.

Do a Search on "The dangers of apple seeds."

I suggest you all keep eating an apple every day; more than one, if you like. But pass on the seeds.

Pectin is the generic term for a class of carbohydrates of high molecular weight, that are contained in the cell walls of various fruits and vegetables.

Apple pectin is a healing substance that helps your body in numerous ways. I've eaten an apple a day for the last 28+ years, and it's one of the reasons I'm so healthy.

Grapefruit pectin is also wonderful for your body. I eat a grapefruit every morning. Then I cut the skin into small pieces, and carefully cut the white pectin from the inside of the skin. I eat it, as is. My body loves it, and so will yours.