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Tonsil Removals

Chances are good that one of your children's doctors is going to suggest that the child should have the tonsils surgically removed.

I hope you won't let them do that. Tonsils are a valuable part of the immune system. The doctors will tell you that tonsils are a "vestigal" organ; one that the body doesn't need to stay healthy.

That's not true. There are NO vestigal organs in the human body, including the appendix, which is another key part of the immune system. We need ALL of the organs in our body. If we didn't, they wouldn't be there.

I was a child in the 1940s and an adolescent in the 1950s. Many, many of my friends had their tonsils routinely removed. That weakened their immune systems, and left them open to all kinds of auto-immune diseases that appeared later in life. I was very lucky to escape adolesence with my tonsils.

Does your child snore? That sounds like sleep apnea to me. It's quite common in older men.

The next time you hear your child snoring, go into the bedroom, and look at their mouth. Is the lower jaw open -- hanging down loosely? Chances are good that it is.

Instead of filling your child up with toxic medications, I suggest you try a sleep mask, which will gently hold the mouth closed. That will force your child to breathe naturally through the nose, and should eliminate the snoring.

Check out this product. I haven't used it or seen it, but it sounds like it might help anyone with sleep apnea. It's called a Sleep Wizard, and you'll find it at:

There are probably similar products available at other sites, and almost certainly in medical supply warehouses.