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Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing is a superb exercise for your lymph system, skin, and all the organs near the surface of your body. I've been dry-brushing my body for years, and it's one of the highlights of my day. My body LOVES the feel of that brush! I also use a loofa sponge on my body when I'm showering. I suggest you try that, too. You can buy a good dry skin brush (with a foot-long handle) and a loofa sponge for less than $25.00 total.

Brian Clement is the Director of the Hippocrates Health Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida. It's one of the world's great healing spas. In his book, Living Foods For Optimum Health, Brian devotes a page to the benefits of dry skin brushing. Let me summarize what he says, and blend in a few quotes:

Brian says that that your skin constantly breathes and eliminates toxins. "The average person eliminates about two (2) pounds of
waste through the skin each day. If skin pores are blocked and can't function fully, the kidneys, liver, and lymphatic system will have to compensate, and will become overloaded with toxins."

Brian adds that a dry skin brushing, just before you shower, helps remove toxins from the pores, and stimulates the lymphatic and
circulatory systems.

I also suggest that you talk to your body while you're brushing. If you live with people and hesitate to talk to yourself, then do it mentally. As you brush each section of your body, tell it how much you love it.
Say a loving hello to all the organs that are just below your skin. Thank them all for the wonderful work/play that they do for you.
If one part is hurting, say a shoulder, ask the other organs to send healing energy to your hurting shoulder. Brush gentle circles
around your shoulder, and ask it to release whatever energy blockages are causing you discomfort.

This may sound airy-fairy, but I've learned, over the years, that my body thrives on verbal TLC. Our bodies are like little children. They love to hear how much we love them, and never get tired of it. Alas. most people ignore their bodies -- and end up paying the price for their ignorance.

The first time you talk to your body while brushing, it may sound crazy. After a month, it will seem normal. And after 6 months, it
will seem like the Deep Wisdom it is. Trust me, and give it a try.