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I've owned a rebounder for more than 3 years, and it's far and away the best piece of exercise equipment I've ever owned. When Saint Peter sounds his his electronic pager for me, I'm not going to go unless I can take my rebounder.

When I bounce gently up and down, every one of my 75 trillion cells receives a gentle massage. Every organ in my body enjoys the same playful motion. Rebounding is fabulous for the lymph system (see my R/N post on the Lymph forum for more details), but it's also wonderful for the eyes, the brain, and all the joints and connective tissue.

Running puts stress and strain on your joints. Rebounding is stressless. You don't have to jump off the surface of the mat, or do cheerleader tricks. Just a gentle bounce, up and down, And it's great fun! When I'm bouncing on my rebounder, I become 8 years-old again. Every one of my cells is on the same page. It's a heavenly experience!

I like to listen to instrumental music while I bounce. My choice is Easy Listening, the music of my lifetime. I make it a point to hum the songs for at least 10 minutes every day (I spend about 45 minutes every day on my rebounder). The humming is not only very pleasurable, but it puts the familiar vibration of a beloved song into every cell. My cells greet the melody of a song like "Memory," or "Jean, Jean," as the old friends they are, and vibrate blissfully to each note. My intuition tells me that the humming-while-bouncing, is a little known, but vitally important healing protocol. The sound HU, which you make when you hum, is considered THE most sacred sound to the Sufis, the Moslem mystics. Owls are known as wise birds because their cry -- which we spell WHO -- is the most sacred and elemental sound in all nature, right up there with Om. Additionally, when you hum while rebounding, you sound all the notes of the scale, ALL of which are used by your seven chakras (energy vortexes) to heal and harmonize and balance themselves. Humming beloved melodies while rebounding is a win,
win, WIN situation!

In the last year, I've taken to rebounding after I eat my last food of the night around 7 p.m. Rebounding is fabulous for digestion! All of the foods and liquids in me are gently mixed and digested by my internal organs. I spend at least 20 minutes every evening bouncing on my beloved rebounder. I also use it after the mid-day meal, which is my main meal of the day.

Final thought: when I begin my first rebounding session in mid-morrning (as a warm-up for my daily exercises), I always talk to my body for at least 5 minutes. I ask every cell to send Love, Light, Blessings, & Healing Energy to every other cell. I ask each organ to do the same. And if there's a slight ache somewhere, I ask all the cells to send healing energy to that spot.

That may sound airy-fairy, but I assure you that my body listens. And so will yours! You're telling your body that your INTENTION is that it heal the sore spot. And by focusing your ATTENTION on that sore spot, your body sends energy -- which is healing by definition -- to that place that is hurting. This combination of intention and attention is critically important to the healing process.

Indeed, rebounding virtually duplicates some of the important poses in Chinese qigong, especially the all-important first one. I think the practices of qigong (CHEE-gong) and Reiki, both well known energy-alignment protocols, would have been very different if the old Sages, who devised these techniques
thousands of years ago, had access to rebounders.

Enough for now! If anything I've said has resonated with you, the person who's reading this, I hope you'll consider buying yourself a rebounder. It will pay back its cost a thousandfold over the course of your life.