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Dangers ofThe Pill

There are about 10 million young women in America who are taking The Pill to prevent conception.

I wonder how many of them know the very real dangers of the Pill? Not many, I suspect. I know that my younger sister, who died of breast cancer in 1987, had no idea that The Pill had probably initiated her cancer. And I think her three best girlfriends from childhood, all of whome used to play in the sandbox behind our home, never knew how truly dangerous The Pill is. They all used The Pill and, like my sister, all three died of breast cancer.

I'm going to quote you some very sobering information about The Pill
that comes from THE KEY TO HEALTH AND REJUVENATION by Andreas Moritz , who has a forum on CureZone (Ask Andreas). I recommend this book to everyone. It will pay back its cost a thousandfold.

On pp. 251 to 253, Andreas talks about the dangers of The Pill. I'll
just quote a few passages:

"Women who continually use the contraceptive pill are more likely to develop circulatory problems, liver tumors, headaches, depression,
and cancer than those who don't use them."

"Women who take The Pill and are aged between 30 and 40 have a three- times higher risk of dying from heart attack than women of the same age group who are non-users."

"A four-year study on the Pill, carried out by the Imperial Cancer
Research Fund in Oxford, reanalyzed evidence on the Pill of more than 150,000 women. The results show that ALL users face a risk of breast cancer, even for up to 10 years after they stop taking it."

"The Netherlands Cancer Institute published a study in THE LANCET
which said that 97 percent of the women under 36 years of age, who had contracted Breast Cancer , had taken The Pill at some point in their lives."

"Women who have taken the Pill at any time have a 60 percent increase in the risk of cervical cancer."

Are those acceptable risks to you? Are those acceptable risks when there are safe, inexpensive ways to prevent conception? And I'm not talking about IUDs or condoms. Andreas has nothing good to say about IUDs.

Andreas does briefy mention three safe methods of preventing conception, including the one that he and his wife have used successfully. They have children, but none were unwanted. If anyone
is interested in his recommendations, let me know, and I'll post them.

DO buy a copy of the book.