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Dangers Of Breast Implants

If you're a woman who is considering having breast implants, I hope you'll read this message slowly and carefully. It may well save your life.

Breast implants are THE MOST DANGEROUS kind of cosmetic surgery. Nothing else is even close. If you're one of the 300,000 women who opt for breast implants each year, then you are almost surely going to lose your beauty, your vitality, your health, and
quite possibly your life.

90 percent of breast implants rupture within 20 years. Most of the implants leak chemicals into your body, even before they rupture.
The FDA did a study in 2000, and found that 69 percent of the women they examined, had ruptured implants, but didn't know it.

"Silicone" is a friendly-sounding word. It sounds safe. Unfortunately, silicone is very dangerous. When it leaks into the lymph nodes,
spinal fluid, brain, liver, and ovaries, the silicone becomes like glue.

Ruptured and leaking implants trigger a whole host of auto-immune diseases, as well as cancer. If you have implants and have had
a mammogram performed, there's a good chance that the pressure caused a leak or rupture. Any woman with breast implants, whose health has suddenly gone dramatically downhill, may well have a body full of toxic implant chemicals. Ruptured implants have been removed that were completely black with toxic fungus. Read Ana's post just above this one, if you want to see a photo of a blackened implant.

Andreas Moritz l lists some of the other chemicals commonly found in breast implants. in his book, Timeless Secrets of Health &
Rejuvenation. This isn't the entire list; just a few of the highlights. Read through it and ask yourself what you might feel like when these chemicals begin leaking into your body.

Benzene, phenol, rubber solvent, acetone, lacquer thinner, toluene, freon, epoxy resin and hardener, polyvinyl chloride, isopropyl alcohol, solder, metal cleaning acid, formaldehyde, color pigments, carbob black. xylene, hexone, and more. Scary, isn't it?

Women with implants can pass these toxic chemicals into the bodies of their gestating babies. Their children are born with virtually
no chance to lead a healthy life.

A few years ago, in the UK, 5,000 women agreed to have soy oil implants. The soy quickly went sour, and all 5,000 women had to have their implants removed. By 2000, 127,000 women had written to the FDA about the profoundly negative health problems caused by silicone gel implants.

If you'd like to read more about this terrible problem, go to Doctor Joe Mercola's website:
When you get there, click on the Search function. Then type in, "Dangers of breast implants," Read the first article, "Breast
Implants: America's Silent Epidemic."

Forewarned is forearmed. I urge any woman considering breast implants to banish the thought from your mind. If you've already
had implants, then you need to consider having them removed before they rupture, and destroy your health and your life.