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Cat Scans

I can't tell you the names of the radioactive chemicals that the doctors inject into you before they administer the CT scan. But chances are 99 out of 100 that they're harmful to your body -- just like the CT scan itself.

Doctor David Williams is one of the very best alternative health physicians. I rate him #1, and I trust him implicitly. In his print newsletter of November, 2004, Dr. Williams discussed CT scans. Here are some of the things he had to say.

Williams says that the risk of developing cancer from these scans far outweighs any possible benefits. "The radiation from these full-body scans can be 500 times the amount of a standard X-ray." He adds that CT scans expose the recipient to the same amount of radiation that a person would receive who was 3 kilometers from an atomic bomb blast. Many of the Japanese people who survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, later died of cancer.

Doctor Williams cites a study which says that if a person had a CT scan every year for 30 years, the risk of developing cancer would be 1 in 50.

But clinics love to give the scans! They usually charge a minimum of #1,000 per scan. Alas,modern medicine is all about making money for the doctors, hospitals, and pharamceutical companies. We, the citizens of this country, are merely product to them: what hamburger is to a fast-food company; something to be used to generate cash.

I hope you decide to maintain your health without invasive injections and dangerous scans.

In his current newsletter (November, 2004), Doctor Williams discussses CT Scans in an article entitled, "The Great Scan Scam."

CT Scans are a series of X-rays that are computer-enhanced to provide a detailed picture of the entire human body. They cost at least $1,000.

The rationale behind the scan is to detect cancer, heart disease, and other serious conditions, so they can be treated in the early stages.

Sounds good, right? The only problem is that the CT Scans can CAUSE cancer in a body that is otherwise cancer-free.

Most people are aware of the dangers of radiation. CT Scans subject the body to up to 500 TIMES the radiation of a standard X-ray! Here's a quote from Doctor Williams:

"Researchers who have studied the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb blasts of World War II, have determined that full- body scans expose the recipients to about the same amount of radiation received by victims who were 2 kilometers from the blast point of those atomic bombs."

"Based on their studies, this amount of radiation would result in a 1 in 200 chance (one in two-hundred) of developing cancer."

Doctor Williams goes on to add that persons who were foolish enough to get a CT Scan annually for 30 years would have a 1 in 50 chance of developing cancer.

Personally, I doubt that most people would live long enough to get 30 year's worth of Hiroshima - Nagasaki type radiation. I've seen too many of my friends and neighbors die from standard radiation. I advise the wise among you to stay far, far away from CT Scans, or any other type of radiation. It is, as Doctor Williams says, a Great Scam; just the latest in a mind-boggling long list of lethal horrors that the allopathic medical community has concocted for its own profit.