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Body Scans are Dangerous

There is good reason to worry about the safety of those CT scans that your doctor wants to perform on you.

CT scans are a money-making scam for doctors. They usually charge about $1,000 for the full-body scan. It's a series of X-rays that are computer-enhanced to provide a detailed picture of the body. The procedure takes several days to perform.

According to Doctor David Williams, in his Print newsletter of December, 2004, "For most patients, the risk of developing cancer from these scans far outweighs any possible benefits."

Here's the problem -- and it's a HUGE one. Again, I quote Doctor Williams. "The radiation dose from these full-body scans can be 500 times the amount of radiation in a standard X-ray. Researchers who have studied the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts of World War II have determined that full- body scans expose the recipients to about the same amount of radiation received by victims
who were just 2 kilometers from the blast point of these atomic bombs."

Williams goes on to say that this amount of radiation would result in a 1 in 1200 chance of developing cancer. People who get the scans annually for 30 years increase their cancer risk to 1 in 30.

I don't even let my dentist X-ray me any more. The idea of having a full-body scan that is the equivalent of 500 X-rays, boggles my mind! And God knows what the barium sulphate will do to you.

I hope you'll save that $1,000, and opt for safe and effective alternative health therapies.