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AER Bill

I use a lot of different supplements to maintain my excellent health. So I was very discouraged yesterday to read that four
powerful Senators are co-sponsoring a bill that will give the FDA the power to close down any or all of the best supplement companies.

The information came from Doctor Julian Whitaker, one of the most respected alternative health physicians. It was contained in a special report that arrived with his June newsletter.

The four Senators are Teddy Kennedy, Orin Hatch, Dick Durban, and Tom Harkin. They're all heavyweights in Congress, so there's not much doubt that this legislation, the
AER bill, will pass quickly. At that point, you can say goodbye to all your vitamin C, all your green superfoods, and all of the
vitamins you consume to maintain your health. It goes without saying that the giant pharmaceutical companies are the REAL sponsors of this shameful legislation. Teddy and his friends are merely their lackeys.

AER stands for Adverse Event Reports. Here's what it means in plain English:

Anyone who thinks they were harmed by a supplement will be permitted to file an AER report with the FDA. You will no longer have to go through a doctor, a poison control center, or the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

The FDA will then investigate your complaint. If they agree with you, then they can close down the supplement company.

It gets worse. The supplement company will be given NO access to your medical records, thus denying themselves the right to look into the validity of your complaints, and defend

It gets even worse. YOU don't have to be the sick one! If you think a neighbor or friend was hurt by a supplement, you can file an AER on their behalf, without even telling them.
There is NO requirement for medical or scientific evidence to back up a fabricated report. As Doctor Whitaker says, "It's just
plain ludicrous."

I'd be willing to bet good money that the big drug companies have already created thousands and thousands of complaints, which will be mailed to the FDA by their employees and friends. Once Teddy and his buddies pass this bill into law, it will be goodbye to all the best supplement companies.

Analogy: Imagine that you could close down a school by writing a critical letter to the Board of Education. Imagine that none of the teachers, students, or their parents would
know who criticized them or why. Imagine that the school would have no recourse except to close its doors. That's what we're talking about here.

And don't think the FDA is unbiased. 75 percent of FDA employees once worked for a big industrial company -- AND WILL AGAIN AFTER THEY RETIRE FROM THE FDA. All of the
FDA employees who will be making judgements about the AER reports, will likely be going back to work for Pfizer, Merck, Wyeth, and the other drug giants, when their stint at the
FDA is done. Be assured that their retirement benefits at the drug companies will be lavish. They KNOW who're they're working for, and it's definitely not you and me and the American people.

The only hope, a faint one, is that when the FDA begins closing down reputable vitamin companies, a spontaneous cry of OUTRAGE will emerge from the throats of Americans,
that will even scare Teddy and his drinking buddies in Congress. But the politicians are SO insulated from the rest of us, and so DISDAINFUL of ordinary people, that they may ignore us, no matter what we say.

Stay tuned! The day you call and find your favorite vitamin company has been closed down because of an anonymous letter, you'll know that the AER bill was passed into law.

God save us all!