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Treating Leukemia


In his landmark book, CANCER AND VITAMIN C, Linus Pauling tells
about an American man, age 40, who was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The cancer had invaded his bone marrow, induced crushed fractures in his vertebrae, and disabled him. This happened in 1974. The patient would permit no chemo or raditaion, though he did accept a blood transfusion (1 pint) each week.

On his own, the man began taking 35 grams of vitamin C per day. His
doctors laughed at him, but within a few months, the patient was in
complete clinical and hematological remission. He stopped taking the
blood transfusions, went back to work, and resumed his life. In 1978,
when Pauling wrote the book, the now 44 year-old man described himself as "the healthiest sick man around." His stunned doctors admitted that he "basically has no disease."

The vitamin C literature is full of stories like that, stories of people with hideous diseases, who cured themselves by taking mega-doses of vitamin C.

Here's an important quote from Linus Pauing about why vitamin C is critical to good health:

"Vitamin C is not a drug with the specific ability to fight cancer or
hepatitis or any other single disease. It is instead a natural,
essential substance that may participate in almost all of the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies, and is required for many of them. Our bodies can fight disease effectively only when we have in our organs and body-fluids, enough vitamin C to enable out natural protective mechanisms to operate effectively."

So here's what I'd do if I had l had leukemia. But first I need to say that I'm not a doctor or a healer. These are suggestions
only. Trust your intuition about whether to follow up on some of them or not.

I'd begin taking oral vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate
crystals. I'd start with 2,000 mg on Day #1, and double the amount on
each succeeding day. Having cancer, I don't think one's going to reach bowel tolerance (diarrhea) until one's well over 40,000 mg (40 grams) a day.

When one does reach bowel tolerance, back off a few grams, and keep the daily dosage there. Example: If one reaches bowel tolerance at 55 grams, back off to 50 grams for the next
day's dose. Trust your intuition.

Bronson Vitamins is a good source of sodium ascorbate crystals. Their order line is 1-800-235-3200. You want a kilo of product # 50. It costs around $37.00. A kilo is 2.2 lbs. A little white spoon comes with
the kilo. It holds 1,000 mg (1 gram) Since you need it ASAP, I'd ask if
they have overnight delivery.

Or go out to your health food store, and buy some vitamin C. If they don't have sodium ascorbate crystals, try to get some non-acidic
tablets. You can crush them into powder, and add them to juice. 1,000 mg is about one-quarter teaspoon.

I'd also try to find a clinic in your area that gives vitamin infusions. Ask at the library, the chamber of commerce, or, better yet, some Naturopath or chiropractor you trust.

A vitamin C infusion -- say 75,000 mg -- will go right into your bloodstream instantly. The immune system will use it as ammunition to fight the leukemia. Cancer patients in Australia have been given up to 500,000 mg of vitamin C per day. There were no bad spinoffs -- and none of them reached bowel tolerance. Their bodies NEEDED those enormous amounts of vitamin C. First, if you haven't already pulled yourself out of school, or work, do so. Healing a serious diease and is a full-time job.

You should look into Doctor Richard Schulze's 30-Day Detox progam, which used to be called the Incurables Program. The kit comes with all the required herbs and foods, as well as a guide that tells you exactly what to do on each of the 30 days. It's not an easy program, but lots of people have done it successfully. You'll definitely need a juicer.
Dr. Schulze 's website is:www.herbdoc.com

His order line is 1-800-HERB-DOC Go to the Doctor Schulze Forum and read some of the posts by people who've done the Incurables Program.

I also suggest you go to the breastCancer Forum , and read a three-part post of mine from Oct 1st, 2004. It was titled, "My advice for fighting those tumors."

In it, I suggested taking AHCC, an anti-cancer supplement from Japan, that is made mostly of medicinal mushrooms. If I had cancer, I would deifintely take AHCC. You can buy it from Tunies.com
Thirty 500 mg capsules cost around $32.00. It's not cheap, but it is
perhaps the best. I think so, and so does Dr. David Williams, one of the superstars of alternative health.

I'd also take Pau d'arco, either as tea or powder. It has a legendary reputation as a cancer-killer.

I'd also buy a copy of the CD I cited in that old post of Oct 1st:
Belleruth Naparstek's, HEALTH JOURNEYS FOR PEOPLE WITH CANCER. I would listen to that morning and night. The CD
is full of positive energy. The 20 minutes of affirmations alone are
worth their weight in gold.

Cancer can only live in an atmosphere where there is no oxygen.
One should take long walks every day and one should breathe
in and out DEEPLY through the nose. Not to the point of straining; just nice, deep, even breaths. Tell your body to take the fresh
oxygen to the cancer cells.Come up with a visualiztion
in which you see the oxygen destroying the cancer cells; some tiny animals or fish, etc., munching happily on the cancer cells.

You'll find lots of other suggestions on the cancer forums,
including products with oxygen in them. Again, trust your intuition.

I hope something I said proves helpful to you in your fight to heal this cowardly disease. I will keep you in my prayers. Please let us know if you have success.