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Trash Your Microwave

I urge you to throw away your microwave oven. Don't give it away. Throw it away! It's a very dangerous piece of equipment that is hurting your health in more ways than one.

Andreas Moritz , whose forum many of us consider the shining jewel of CureZone, devoted two pages of his recent book, Cancer Is Not A Disease, to the dangers of using microwave ovens (pp.160-162). Doctor Joseph Mercola, in his e-newletter of January 7th, 2006, had equally frightening information about the horrors of microwaves. None of the top alternative health doctors -- David Williams, Jon Barron, or Richard Schulze -- have one good word to say about microwave ovens.

Let me start by quoting and paraphrasing Andreas Moritz. Brace yourself,

"Did you know that microwave-treated water does not sprout seeds? Russian researchers have found decreased nutritional value, cancer-making compounds, and brain-damaging radiolytics in virtually all microwave-prepared foods. Eating microwaved-prepared foods can also cause loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability, and a decline in intelligence."

Andreas goes on to specifically explain how microwave ovens cause the damage they do:

"Microwaves rip apart the molecular bonds that make food to be "food." Microwave ovens hurl high-frequency microwaves that boil the moisture within food and its packaging, by whipsawing water molecules dizzyingly back and forth at more than a billion reversals a second. This frantic friction causes the food molecules to fracture, rearranging their chemical composition into weird new configurations, unrecognizable as food by human bodies. By destroying the molecular structures of foods, the body cannot help but turn the food into waste, but not harmless waste: rather, "nuclear waste."

According to the Russian scientists, microwaves also cause a host of illnesses and degenerative conditions, in addition to rendering food useless and toxic. Among the side effects are, "high blood pressure, migraine headaches, dizziness, stomach pain, anxiety, hair loss, appendicitis, cataracts, reproductive disorders, adrenal exhaustion, heart disease, memory loss, attention disorders, crankiness, depression, disconnected thoughts, sleep disturbance, and brain damage."

Scary, isn't it? And it's even scarier when you consider that 9 out of 10 families in the USA --about 250 million people -- use microwave ovens EVERY DAY! Additionally, most restaurants use microwaves to not only cook much of their food, but to zap the dinner order -- to make it hot-hot, just before the waiter puts the plate in front of you.

One of the reasons I'm in radiant health at 65, is because I've never owned or used a microwave oven. And my 96 year-old mother has never used one, either.

Here's another quote from Andreas about how microwaves destroy vitamins and other nutrients in food.

"The B-complex, C, and E vitamins linked with stress-reduction and the prevention of cancer and heart disease -- as well as the essential trace minerals needed for optimum brain and body functioning -- are rendered useless by microwaves, even at short cooking durations. Microwave-cooked food is reduced to the nutritional equivalent of cardboard."

So, even though you're just zapping the water for a few moments, the microwave is destroying everything in that water that makes it useful for your body.

I am sure that the plague of obesity in the United States is directly linked to the almost universal use of microwave ovens. People are eating dead food. Their digestive systems know the food is dead, and so the digestive organs cry out for help by sending hunger-pangs to the person doing the eating. Hunger is a plea -- not for food -- but for vital nutrients! Alas, most people respond to that plea by filling themselves with more dead and toxic food. After a while, the body
gives up; the immune system shuts down. The inner organs are lined with a vast oil-slick of toxic waste; an oxygen-less environment that leads to cancer and a host of other horrors.

In his newsletter of January 7th (www.mercola.com), Doctor Joe Mercola says that microwaves leach carcinogens from the paper and plastic covers used in microwaves, and deposit it in the food. He adds that microwaves were once used to warm up blood for blood transfusions, but that hospitals no longer do that (they were sued) because the blood is altered, and often kills he person receiving it.

Andreas finishes up with a chilling story which I'll paraphrase. Russian scientists took thousands of healthy cats, and gave them nothing but nutritious and natural foods that had been heated in a microwave for just 1 minute. The result? In six months, all the cats were dead. When the scientists performed autopsies on some of the cats, they found that the animals had literally starved to death. The cells in their bodies contained no trace of nutrient components, even though the dead bodies looked well-fed. "Microwaves had turned their food into deadly poison."

Incidentally, Doctor Mercola suggests replacing your microwave with a turbo oven. He says the turbo oven is fast, safe, and not overly expensive. Go to his website for more information, and read that January 7th e-alert.

I don't mean to be a scare-monger, my friends. I urge you all to do your own research about microwaves. At the very least, I urge you to stop using it for, say, 3 months, and then see how you feel. Perhaps some of your health problems will disappear. It's worth a try.

Trust your intuition.