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The Pill, Patches, Yams & Birth Control

I may be very wrong, but I've never heard of yams being used as a method of birth control. I HOPE it's true! If so, then hundreds of millions of women around the world can begin eating yams on a daily basis, and discard their Patches, Pills, IUDs, and other dangerous methods of preventing conception.

However, yams ARE an important ingredient in natural progesterone cremes for women. When organically grown, wild yam extract is combined with quality oils, natural emulsifiers, and natural preservatives, the creme -- rubbed into the perinium and breast tissue in small amounts -- can harmonize and balance the female hormones, and eliminate many of the awful problems associated with menstruation and menopause.

I recommend Women's Balance Creme by Kokoro to my female friends, mainly because I've been using their Men's Creme for more than a decade. Every morning, right after showering, I rub a very small dab of the Men's Creme on my perinium. The creme contains saw palmetto oil, pumpkin seed oil, pygeum bark extract, stinging nettle extract, and zinc stearate. I tell my body to take in the creme and use it to nurture, heal, harmonize, and balance all my male plumbing. I suggest that women do the same thing. Let your body know what your INTENTION is. Children and spouses may not listen, but bodies DO!

Kokoro's website is: http://www.kokorohealth.com

Yams are also good for removing heavy metals from your body. Yams contain nutrients called phytochelatins that bind to heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, and lead. You can detoxify your body tissues by eating yams regularly. Buy organic yams. Why? Because yams, like carrots and garlic, grow underground. Veggies that grow beneath the soil are much more likely to be contaminated with pesticides and herbicides.

Yams and sweet potatoes are also very good for removing any foreign object that is accidentally swallowed by a small child: things like thumb tacks, needles, safety pins, coins, and the like. In such a case, immediately give the child a healthy portion of cooked sweet potato or yam. It will coat the foreign object and safely expel it from the body in a BM. NOTE WELL: a ripe, mashed banana works just as well, and doesn't need cooking.

I hope you stop using The Patch IMMEDIATELY.
But you don't want to go back on The Pill. Women who use The Pill, beginning as teenagers, are in very real danger of contracting cancer in their late 30s or early 40s. There is nothing good you can say about The Pill. My younger sister used The Pill regularly from age 18 to 43, when she came down with Breast Cancer . The doctors used surgery, chemo, radiation, and drugs on Susan. And three years later, she was dead. Her three best friends -- girls who used to
play in the sandbox behind our rural home in northern New Jersey when they were very young -- also used The Pill when they were teenagers. All of them contracted cancer and died of it. It's not a coincidence in my mind.

So what do you do to prevent conception? Here's some advice from Andreas Moritz , who has a very popular forum on CZ. I'm quoting from his brilliant book, Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation, pp. 445 & 446:

"I personally recommend mental birth control, the most ancient method of conception choice, as the preferable method for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. It is very effective, cost-free, and without any side effects. The method can be learned within a few minutes from the little book, Mental Birth Control, by
Terry League and Milder Jackson."

"Other methods include "Fertility Testers," which can determine during which days of the month a woman is fertile. All that is required is a small drop of her saliva. "Persona" is another new method of contraception. Through simple urine testing, a small, computerized device informs a woman of the days when she
is at risk of becoming pregnant. "Persona" is 93 to 95 percent reliable, when used according to directions, which makes it as reliable as the condom. In any event, the condom is an option, too."

How to flush out the toxins that have accumulated in your body since you began using The Pill and The Patch.? I suggest you do a series of colon, liver, and kidney cleanses for at least the next year or so. Clean out your intestinal tract. Make it a point to eat foods like cilantro, yams, and mung bean sprouts that are proven chelators of heavy metals. Take a tablespoon of a good, green superfood every day. The chlorella in the superfood will help excrete the heavy metals that have been loosened by the living food that you ate. Drink lots of pure water. Distilled water, all by itself, will flush any number of toxins and debris out of your system. Consider becoming a vegetarian who eats mostly living food. If you do some or all of that, I don't think you'll have to worry about cancer in your middle years.

Trust your intuition about what to do. Your deep Inner voice will never lie to you; will never betray you.