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Personal Pharma-Political Views

Doctors have killed a good many of our nearest and dearest with unnecessary surgery, lethal radiation, poisonous chemotherapy, and toxic pharmaceuticals. An alternative doctor, and to my mind, a good one, Dr. Joseph Mercola, says that doctors, hospitals, etc are the leading cause of death in America. I choose to believe him and his statistics, because I've seen SO many of my relatives. friends, and neighbors get chewed up by the uncaring medical machine; chewed up and spat out dead.

Alas, we live in a culture where all the money is to be made at the wrong end of the pipeline.: by treating the symptoms of horrific diseases with expensive and unnecessary surgery, lethal radiation, poisonous chemotherapy, and dangerous prescription drugs, instead of preventing the illnesses from occurring in the first place. There's no money to be made in prevention! You can't patent vitamin C. So that's why its superb record as a healing substance has been known only to a few alternative doctors and academics.

Doctors are not interested in preventing disease. Why? There's no money to be made in prevention. Nor are most of them interested in reversing diseases or degnerative conditons. Why? The same reason.

We don't have a Health Care system in the United States. Instead, wehave a Disease Manamgement System -- because that's where the money is. If everyone in America managed their own health, as many of us do, entire industries would founder and disappear. Among them would be most hospitals, all the pharmacetical companies, most doctors and dentists, 99 percent of the packaged food and drink companies, 50 percent of TV advertising -- the list goes on.


The Way The FDA, EPA, & FCC REALLY Work!


Government regulatory agencies were created to protect individual Americans from wealthy and powerful corporations; agencies like the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and others.

Unfortunately, those agencies have been completely co-opted by the very corporations they were supposed to protect us from. Most of the important people at the regulatory agencies actually work for the individual corporations that they're supposed to be regulating. I mean that literally! And I'm not some kind of Conspiracy freak! Anyone who works in Washington, D.C., will confirm that the following scenario is true to life.

A young man -- we'll call him John -- puts in 10 good years with a big corporation like Dupont, Allied-Signal, Halliburton, Alcoa, Merck, or any one of thousands of
powerful corporations. John's bosses are pleased with his work. They call him in and tell him that they want him to go to work the next 6 years for the regulatory agency in Washington, D.C., that oversees their industry.

His bosses tell John that when his stint in government is over, he'll be welcomed back to the corporation with open arms. And not only will they make up
the loss in salary he suffered as an FDA employee, but there will be handsome bonuses, stock options, and a lavish pension plan. That sounds good to John. So he goes to work for FDA, EPA, or FCC for six or seven years. His kids are growing up, and John knows when they are ready for college, he'll be back at his REAL job with Pfizer, General Electric, or whoever.

During his stint in Washington, do you REALLY think John is going to make any decisions which adversely affect his much-loved corporation? Of course not! If John is foolish enough to cause his corporation any grief, his retirement plan is gone. They'll never rehire him. He knows that. All the Johns and Joans in all the regulatory agencies KNOW that. So they take care of #1.

Of course, in absolutely horrendous cases, like Vioxx, there may be a slap on the wrist for a Dupont or Alcoa. But that's just standard public relations: PR to soothe the angry citizens who naively think that regulatory agencies are on their side, and not industry's.

That IS the way government works, my friends! I wish it were otherwise, but it's not. So you can expect the FDA, for instance, to do everything in its power to prevent us in the very near future, from being able to buy the vitamins and supplements that keep us healthy. Why? Because the FDA flaks are actually working for the big pharamaceutical companies, who make NO money when you're healthy!

It's going to take another American revolution to change the total dominance of our government by greedy corporations. God willing we'll all live long enough to see --
and participate -- in that revolution.