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Mucoid Plaque

Most overweight people are carrying surprising amounts of mucoid plaque, that has been building up over a lifetime. Here's the problem: You have about 30 ft. of intestine inside you. It's all folded and refolded like a new garden hose.If you're slim and healthy, your intestine is about as thick as your big toe; about 1 inch in diameter. But if you have a paunch, from eating dead food for years and years, your intestinal "hose" can expand dramatically.Do you have a ruler handy? If so, get it, and we'll do some show 'n tell.

Mark off 1 inch. Okay, that's the diameter of your healthy intestine. Now mark off 6 inches or 9 inches. When your intestine begins filling up with mucoid plaque --encrusted fecal matter that is as hard as truck-tire-rubber -- your intestine begins swelling. And cases have been reported of intestinal hose that swelled to 9 inches in diameter. Look down at your abdomen, and imagine 30 feet of intestine --with a diameter of 9 inches! Scary, isn't it?

Here's a quote from the book, CLEANSE & PURIFY THYSELF by Richard Anderson, N.D. The speaker is a Doctor Jensen, who's talking about autopsies he's performed: "One autopsy revealed a colon to be 9 inches in diameter, with a passage through it no larger than a pencil. The rest was caked up layer-upon-layer of encrusted fecal matter. This accumulation can have the consistency of truck-tire rubber. It can be that hard and black." Dr. Jensen adds that another autopsy revealed a stagnant colon to weigh in "at an incredible 40 lbs."

Look down again at your abdomen. That fairly small area is FULL of organs and muscle and bones (your spine) and tissue. It's all packed in there, cheek by jowl, with NO extra room at all. If you're slim and healthy, your abdominal "neighbors" get along beautifully. But if the 30 feet of your intestine swells from 1 inch to 9 INCHES, every organ in your abdomen is going to be impacted negatively. Your out-of-control intestine is going to be choking and crushing all of its neighbors. A host of illnesses and degenerative conditions, are caused by mucoid-plaque filled intestines.

You want to keep doing colon cleanses until you're no longer passing mucoid plaque. At that point, your abdomen should be noticeably flatter. You'll know when you're clean. According to Doctor Richard Anderson, mucoid plaque may appear in a variety of colors.

"In color, mucoid plaque can be gray, yellow, green or light green, or light brown to black, but usually is blackish green, which may indicate a relationship to bile. Strangely enough, for some people, the more we cleanse, the lighter the mucoid plaque becomes. The reason for this may be that new mucoid plaque is developing as fast as it's being removed. This could be a sign that something toxic is still in the bowel; perhaps pathogenic bacteria, parasites, or yeast. Or possibly the bile is still too acid." There are a number of photos in the book of mucoid plaque. All the blackish plaque came from the colon. However, the sample from the upper intestine
is light brown. with a reddish tinge.