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Memory Boost

I've never had brain fog, but several years ago, at age 62, I noticed some mini-memory lapses that worried me. I'd walk back into my office to do something -- think about something else on the way -- and find, to my dismay, that I sometimes couldn't remember what I'd gone to the office to do. Very disconcerting!

So I did a lot of research, in books and on the net, and came across a supplement with the almost-unpronouncable name of PhosphatidylSerine, better known as PS. There is a whole host of believable studies that PS helps regulate and cleanse the brain mechanisms. It even helps people with severe Alzheimer's to recover some of their normal function.

Anyway, I bought a bottle of capsules from the Vitamin Shoppe, and began taking one capsule of PS right after I wake up in the morning. Within 2 months, my irritating memory lapses were history. Moreover, my mind felt -- and feels -- sharper and more aware than it ever has. I will use PS until the day Saint Peter sounds his electronic pager for me. It works for me.

PS isn't cheap. A bottle of 60 caps costs around $32.00 from the Vitamin Shoppe. Tunies.com., a mail-order store in Coral Springs, Florida, sells Jarrow PS-100 (60 caps) for $26.95. So it's not an inexpensive supplement. But I've seen too many people, including my father, die of Alzheimer's. It's easily worth a dollar a day to me, to avoid that scary possibility. Do some research, and then trust your intuition.