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Lymph Cleansing By Rebounding

A rebounder is a mini-trampoline. It's circular, maybe 4 ft in diameter. You stand on the rubber mat, and gently bounce up and down.

I've owned a rebounder for 20 months, and it's the best piece of exercise equipment I've ever owned. Rebounding is ESPECIALLY good for the lymph system. I bounce up and down gently for at least 10 minutes every day. Since I live alone, mine sits in my living room. It's always instantly available; nothing to set up, nowhere to drive, no concerns about weather. Rebounders also come in versions that fold, so you can store them out of sight.

Rebounders provide superb exercise for every part of the body, but especially the lymph system. You've got 5 to 6 quarts of blood in your body, and a pump to keep it circulating. But you have five times as much lymph as blood -- and NO pump to circulate lymph.

I'm sure that most people on this forum know that the lymph system is a kind of metabolic dumpster for the body. Our 75 trillion cells are constantly casting off toxins, dead cells, and a wide variety of waste products. All that unwanted debris goes into the lymph system.

And since there's no pump to get rid of it, all those wastes, some of them quite toxic, just sit there in the lymph system. There are only three things that get the lymph flowing: (1) Gravity (2) Internal massage to the valves of the lymph ducts, and (3) Muscular contraction from movement and exercise.

That's why so many American couch- potatoes are getting seriously sick. They eat terrible food, drink awful drinks, and when their cells expel the toxins into the lymph system, the toxins, for the most part, just STAY there. Perhaps they infect a breast or a prostate gland, or any one of dozens and dozens of organs. That's why people who are bed-ridden for, say, a broken leg, end up feeling really sick. The toxins just sit there, and infect various parts of the body.

Rebounding gets the lymph moving. Toxins and waste products don't get to hang around and cause trouble. As you bounce, the toxins are moved to the ducts which take them to the liver and kidneys. Rebounding is wonderful insurance against a broad spectrum of serious illnesses. And it's great fun! I feel like I'm 8 years-old when I'm bouncing on my rebounder. All of my 75 trillion cells are on the same page, doing the same thing.

I bought my rebounder online from Al Carter's company. It was pricey, but it came with a lifetime guarantee. Carter is the Bill Gates of rebounding. His website address is: www.healthbounce.com

However, I've since learned that Walmart sells perfectly good rebounders for around $25.00. I'd check them out before I went online. But Carter's site is FULL of information about rebounding, and worth exploring from an educational viewpoint, even if you choose the cheaper product.

Last point: all you need to do is bounce gently up and down. Your feet never have to leave the mat. You don't need to do cheerleader tricks. And if your balance is shaky, you can buy a railing that fits on the front 180 degrees of the circle.

If your legs hurt after five or six minutes of rebounding, then I suggest you shorten these initial sessions. Try 3 minutes at a time, and try to do three or four of those shorter sessions in a day; perhaps one in the morning, and two or three more in the evening. You don't want to turn rebounding into an ordeal; something you dread
because of the resulting pains. If that happens, you'll stop using it.

You need to do whatever is necessary to get yourself back into shape. That may include changing your eating-regimen and doing a series of internal cleanses: colon, liver, and kidneys. CureZone is a good place to learn how to do cleanses.

Talk to your body while rebounding, tell your ankles and legs that this is good exercise which they're going to learn to love. Ask all your cells to send healing energy to the places that hurt. Tell your lymph system to process all the toxins which fill it, by sending those waste products to your liver to be cleansed.

If you work on yourself and keep a positive attitude -- "Yes, I WILL recover my health!" -- your body will grow healtier day by day. After a few months, you may be able to bounce for 5 minutes without discomfort. As you progress, you may be able to bounce 10 minutes pain-free. Set yourself some realistic goals.The rebounder is superb exercise for every cell and organ in your body. In time, you will come to love it. Trust your intuition about what you need to do to cleanse and heal your body. If anything I've said resonates with you, I hope you'll consider buying a rebounder.




Further Notes:

Rebounding gently might help the body shake up the cancer cells. It will certainly help to oxygenate the body -- and cancer cells only thrive where there is no oxygen.

I've never broken any springs in my rebounder. I weigh 140 lbs, and it's designed to hold up to to 300 lb people. However, no one any larger than me has ever bounced on my rebounder. It came with a lifetime guarantee. I'll end up willing it to someone.

let me recommend a wonderful book to you that contains 500 color illustrations of the human body. It's entitled ATLAS OF THE HUMAN BODY, and is a Harper-Perennial book. ISBN# 0-06-273297-8. You may be able to buy it from Amazon.com for less than the list price ($22.00). It's a book that will teach you -- and show you, in detailed drawings -- just what your body looks like under its exterior. The lymph-system drawings are on p. 121.

Another book suggestion :
Jumping For Health: A Guide to Rebounding, by Doctor Morton Walker.