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Lymph Abdominal Cysts

"When there is lymph congestion in the cysterna chyli, the body's own worn-out and damaged cell proteins can no longer be removed properly. Remember, the body has to remove 30 billion old cells each day. This results in lymph edema."

"You can feel any lymph edemas as tender, hard knots by touching or massaging the area of your belly button while lying on your back. These knots are sometimes as large as a fist. Some people describe them as "rocks" in the stomach. These "rocks" are a major cause of middle and low back pain, as well as abdominal swelling, and, in fact, are behind most symptoms of ill health, including heart disease and cancer."

Andreas goes on to say that, "Lymph blockage, in the vast majority of cases, has its origin in a congested liver and a detrimental diet and lifestyle. Both types of problems, circulatory and lymphatic, can be successfully eliminated through a series of liver cleanses, and by following a balanced diet and lifestyle."