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Liver Care

I've been using Himalaya Herbal products for about 10 years. I take a tablet of their Liver Care formula every day, to protect my liver from all kinds of problems that you might be experiencing. Overseas, the product is known as Liv 52. In the USA, it's called Liver Care.

Himalaya Herbs began doing business in 1930. They introduced Liver Care in 1955. It's the most widely used liver care product in the world. 300 separate studies have been done on Liver Care (Liv 52). All of the scientific findings have been excellent.

Here are the age-old Ayurvedic herbs that are found in Himalaya's Liver Care (Liv 52):

1) Caper -- A well-documented hepatic stimulant and protector, which improves the functional efficiency of the liver.

2) Chicory -- A powerful hepatic stimulant that increases bile secretion and promotes disgestion.

3) Black Nighshade -- An herb that promotes liver and kidney health, and is particularly valuable in cases of liver toxicity caused by alcohol or drugs.

4) Arjuna -- a famous herb that is a tonic for the heart and liver. It regulates cholesterol.

5) Yarrow -- It's a stimulative tonic for the liver.

6) Tamarisk -- A liver stimulant that also provides digestive support.

I buy Liver Care in bottles that contain 180 tablets. The cost is $27.95. That's a six-month supply, if you take one tablet a day, as I do. If your liver is hurting, you might want to take 2 tablets a day.

I trust Himalaya implicitly. You don't survive in the herbal business for 75 years, unless you're doing a lot of things right. I use a half-dozen of their herbal products -- all part of my prevention plan -- and they seem to work for me.