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H. Pylori Infections

Dr. David Williams April newsletter is devoted almost entirely to the healing benefits of whey protein. At one point, he mentions that glycine, a very common amino acid, has been successfully used in Japan to treat antibiotic-resistant H. pylori infections. Let me quote Dr. Williams:

"Glycine was able to eradicate the H. pylori infections on its own, but the researchers also discovered that when glycine was used along with the antibiotic, amoxicillin, the amount of the drug needed was reduced by 90 percent."

Whey protein powder contains healthy amounts of glycine, although not enough to cure your condition on its own. Williams suggests that people buy glycine from Jo-Mar Labs (www.jomarlabs.com) or call 1-800-538-4545. I've purchased other products from Jo-Mar, so I know they're reliable.