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Herbs That Fight Cancer

Chemo is cell poison; no one denies that. Since cancer cells reproduce themselves much faster than normal cells, the rationale behind chemo is that the cancer cells will absorb more of the cell poison, and die quickly.

But all of the body's 75 trillion cells absorb at least some of the cell poison. The cells in your stomach lining and the hair-cells on your head are also quick at replicating themselves. That's why patients who are given chemo often go bald, and have terrible nausea.

The chemo may well kill some of the cancer cells; perhaps even a tumor. However, the chemo will also completely turn off your
immune system. Some of the cancer cells or tumors will survive the chemo. When your immune system is no longer operating, those
cancer cells will quickly spread to other parts of the body. In six months or a year, the cancer will reappear, stronger than ever.
"Sorry!" the doctors will say. "We thought we got it all,"

Chemo chemicals are SO dangerous that the nurses who handle them wear leather aprons, face masks, and strong rubber gloves. Why? Because if a drop of the chemo liquid should spill on their arm, it will burn a hole in the skin. Ask your chemotherapist if he'll
smear some of the chemo liquid he plans to give your son, on his own arm. Watch the sick smile appear on his face. End of conversation.

Here are some suggestions for you that I think will help to heal you of this terrible affliction:

1) Pau d'arco (POW-darko) is a legendary herb from the Amazon rainforest that is a proven cancer killer -- PARTICULARLY of childhood leukemia. It has been used successfully in
South America for an enormous number of illnesses since the time of the Incas.

Andreas Moritz , a well-respected healer who has a forum here on CZ, has praised the healing powers of pau d'arco in his book.
Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation. Andreas says that the doctors at the Municipal Hospital in Santo Andre, Brazil, have successfully used pau d'arco to heal cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, venereal diseases, rheumatism, bronchitis, Parkinson's disease,
and a host of other illnesses and degenerative conditions.

Andreas tells this story of a 5 year-old girl who suffered from leukemia, and who was about to die. Her parents, in desperation, took her to the clinic of a Doctor Ruiz, who began treating the girl with lapacho (pau d'arco) tea. In just 6 days, she had improved noticeably. Six weeks later, the little girl walked out of the clinic completely cured.

Pau d'arco is the only known herb/food/ chemical agent that destroys both toxic bacteria AND toxic viruses. It strengthens the immune system and heals and harmonizes and balances all the cells and organs in the body.

I suggest you buy some pau d'arco powder and begin giving yourself a level teaspoonful of it twice a day, mixed in grape juice. You can also use it to brew tea, but some people don't like odd-tasting teas. The grape juice (organic juice, NOT the junk sold in
supermarkets) will conceal the taste. Organic apple juice would be fine, too.

I take a level teaspoonful of pau d'arco and graviola (my next suggestion) every third day, as part of my cancer-prevention program. I buy them both from Raintree Nutrition, which imports the herbs directly from South America. I'm a long-time customer of theirs, and I trust them implicitly. A pound of pau d'arco costs just $15.00 and a pound of graviola is $20.00 Raintree's order line is 1-800-780-5002. Their website is:www.RaintreeNutrition.com

2) Graviola sounds like some kind of Italian fast-food, but it's another famous cancer-killer from the Amazon rainforest. Andreas says that graviola is 10,000 times more toxic to colon cancer cells than chemotherapy. Just think about that for a moment! And unlike
chemo, graviola has NO harmful side effects.

Andreas tells a story about graviola that I've also heard from other sources. In the early 1990s, one of the biggest pharmaceutical
companies in America began a massive research program to see if they could synthesize the cancer-killing ingredients in graviola and
create a synthetic version. Why? Because you can't patent an herb; you can only patent (and thereby make LOTS of money) from your
own synthetic version of it. This company tried for 7 years, but they couldn't come up with their own version of graviola. However,
the evidence they accumulated during those seven years proved beyond a doubt that graviola, the herb, was a miraculous cancer-

Did they let the world know that? No, they didn't. Instead, the directors of the giant pharmaceutical company swore all its scientists to secrecy, and destroyed all the information they'd learned. It would still be a secret if one man, the only one with a conscience, hadn't broken the story to the media -- most of whom ignored it.

So I'd also start on a teaspoonsful of graviola at least once a day. You can buy it from Raintree Nutrition.

3) My third suggestion is that you buy a bottle or two of AHCC. Doctor David Williams, one of the very best and most respected alternative physicians, devoted 5 pages of his print newsletter (called Alternatives) of September, 2004, to the cancer-killing, cancer-healing powers of AHCC. I trust Doctor Williams implicitly, so I immediately bought a bottle of AHCC, and began taking a capsule
every other day.

AHCC is a blend of medicinal mushrooms like shitake, maitake, and cordyceps. It also has an extract of rice bran at its core.

Williams says that AHCC "provides an immediate, sustained boost to your immune system that is unlike any other compound, synthetic or natural, that I have seen. It's a very powerful tool in the treatment of
cancers such as leukemia, and those of the breast, ovary, cervix, prostate, and liver." He adds that AHCC slows or prevents cancers
from spreading to other parts of the body. And it has no toxic side-effects.

I buy my AHCC from the Vitamin Shoppe. It's product # VS-2191. Their order line is 1-800-223-1216.

4) I know a lot about large, daily doses of vitamin C. I've been taking mega-doses since 1977. I took 6 to 10 grams (6,000 to 10,000
mg) for 25 years, and since 2002, I've been taking 14 grams every day. I space the doses out over the waking day, since our bodies
use vitamin C quickly. During all those years, I've had only one cold: a mild, three-day flu that somehow snuck through my defenses
last February. I cured it quickly by taking 60,000 mg of vitamin C in one day. Aside from that mini-cold, I have not been sick at all. I give the vitamin C much of the credit.

Cancer patients, in particular, need LOTS of vitamin C. Vitamin C is ammunition which the immune system uses to fight off all kinds of
illnesses. Doctor Thomas Levy, in his wonderful book, Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, & Toxins, cites case after case of cancer patients, who were written off by their doctors, and cured by intravenous doses of vitamin C. Patients in Australia have been given as much as 500,000 mg of intravenous vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) in one day, and had no bad reactions.

I weigh 140 lbs, and so I take 14 grams each day: 1 gram for every 10 lbs of body-weight. If I'm healthy, and take, say, 20 grams, I
get a mild case of diarrhea. That's known as bowel tolerance. It's your body's way of telling you that it doesn't need that much
vitamin C.

But when you're sick, as I was last February, my body needed lots more vitamin C to fight off that cold. I took 60 grams and never
had a bowel tolerance reaction. Cancer patients can take much larger doses, and never reach bowel tolerance, because their
bodies are using the vitamin C to fight the cancer.

So if I had a child with leukemia, I would try to arrange for an intravenous dose of vitamin C. If that's not possible, I would start the child with several grams a day of vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate crystals. The second week, I'd increase the dose. He's almost surely not going to reach bowel tolerance in normal mega-doses. Even several grams a day will behelpful to him. Read Doctor Levy's book, if possible, and do some research on your own.

2) There are a variety of green superfoods on the market. I think that everyone, sick or healthy, should take at least a teaspoonful
of some green superfood every day. Why? Because they contain nutrients that are not found in the Standard American Diet; nutrients
that bodies need to remain healthy.

Most good green superfoods contain chlorella, enzymes, probiotics, algae, sprouts, barley and wheatgrass, and a variety of healing herbs. Some of them are expensive, and others are quite inexpensive. Here are some of my favorites:

A) Greens+ is the grand-daddy of green superfoods. I've been using it since 1985. I give it much of the credit for my good health. Greens+ comes in a 9.4 oz cannister. It lasts about a month, if you use it every
day. Every health food store stocks it, but I buy it from Tunies.com for $23.99 a cannister. That's the lowest price I've seen.Tunies order line is 1-800-645-0940. You want product # 6974510000. The makers of Greens+ have a website at:www.greensplus.com Your little son's immune system could put the healing nutrients
in Greens+ to good use.

B) Swanson Vitamins sells a cheaper green food called Green Max Powder. A 10.6 oz cannister costs $15.99, and they ALWAYS run
2 for 1 or 3 for 1 specials. Swanson's order line is 1-800-437-4148. Their website is:

C) Dragon Herbs in California makes what I consider the best green superfood. It's called Tonic Alchemy, and it contains 71 superb ingredients, many of which are not found in any other superfood. I take a heaping teaspoonful of Tonic Alchemy in juice just before I go to sleep each night. A 9.4 oz cannister costs $44.95. They give
discounts to seniors, and discounts if you buy more than one cannister. Not cheap, but to my mind, the best.

D) Superfood by Doctor Richard Schulze is very popular, and rightly so. He sells a cannister on his website (www.herbdoc.com)
for about $36.00, plus shipping. I buy my Superfood from one of his distributors in Houston, Chris Voss, who often posts here on CZ. Chris sells the same cannister for $28.50 including shipping. Her email address is: cvoss@texas.net I send Chris a check and she ships the Superfood promptly. She'll give you her address.

E) Puritan's Pride sells a 9.2 oz can of Life's Greens for $37.99. But they ALWAYS have a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 sale. If you get 3 for 1, this is the least expensive green food that I know. Their order line is
1-800-645-1030. The website is:

I hope that some of my suggestions will
resonate with you.