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Hepatitis C & Vitamin C

Many months ago, I posted a message on curezone which said that many cases of hepatitis C had been cured with intravenous doses of vitamin C. I vividly remembered Doctor Levy saying that the two diseases that could be cured most of the time using intravenous vitamin C, were polio and hepatitis C. That's true -- but it's only true of acute cases of hepatitis. I received an email from Dr. Thomas Levy in which he says that:"All acute cases of hepatitis, regardless of type, appear to have promptly and uniformly responded to adequately dosed IVC, to the point of apparent clinical cure. However, chronic cases are much more problematic. We have treated a few chronic hep C cases with IVC, and they have all improved. But we were not successful in totally wiping our measurable viral loads."

I'm very sorry if my misreading of that passage from Doctor Levy's book, VITAMIN C, INFECTIOUS DISEASES, AND TOXINS gave anyone false hope that there was an easy solution to their chronic case of hepatitis. Acute, yes; chronic, no.

If you have acute Hepatitis, then you need to know that mega-doses of vitamin C, taken intravenously or intramuscularly, are probably your best chance of being cured. and read my articles of Vitamin C. If anything I say resonates with you, then get a copy of Dr. Thomas Levy's recent book, VITAMIN C, INFECTIOUS DISEASES, & TOXINS.

There are dozens and dozens of diseases and denerative conditions that can be arrested and reversed by taking mega-doses of vitamin C. And acute Hepatitis C is right at the top of that list.

A Clinic in Boca Raton, Florida gives IV Vitamin C infusions: here is the address below:

It's the Haimes Clinic, and their address is 7300 North Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33487.

Their phone # is 561-995-8484. Doctor Leonard Haimes directs the clinic.