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It's not just the rats and domestic dogs who are being poisoned by fluoride. Most Americans drink and shower in water that is purposefully contaminated with fluoride. It's one of the chemicals in swimming-pool water. And it's an ingredient in most toothpastes.

How dangerous is fluoride? If a small child were to consume an entire tube of fluoridated toothpaste (with that delightful mint flavor!), it would kill the child. That's why the toothpaste manufacturers put a small warning on every tube of toothpaste. So that if your child dies from eating their toothpaste, you won't be able to sue them.

I was a VERY successful environmental activist back in the late 1980s in NJ. In 2004, I spent considerable time and money trying to persuade the citizens of this Florida city to stop fluoridating their water. All for naught. The people ignored me, and the media and politicians ridiculed me. I learned a hard lesson: that most people do NOT want to hear that their foods, drinks, personal products, and cleansers, are full of toxic chemicals.

I licked my wounds (saliva is a good antiseptic), crawled back into my condo-cave, and vowed to leave the rest of them alone. Soon after, I discovered CureZone; a lucky day for me. I can stay in my cave, and still reach a lot of people who are open to receiving new information.