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Flaxseed For Constipation

I'm sure that eating ground flaxseed keeps all the current food and waste moving right along. But I doubt it has much effect, at least in the short-term, on the rubberized gunk that coats the intestines of most Americans. That kind of mucoid plaque can be as solid as wallboard. I'd recommend a series of colon and liver cleanses, as well as professional colonics, to anyone who is hauling around that kind of toxic baggage in their intestines. After the cleanses, the ground flaxseed will keep most people clean and regular.

The very best way I know to induce regular bowel movements -- at least two every day -- is by eating four tablespoons of fresh-ground, organic flaxseed. You must grind it yourself, and then add it to juice or food. Flaxseed oil does not work nearly as well. I've recommended this solution to dozens of constipated friends. And so far, ALL of them became VERY regular within 36 hours. One woman, who's at least 125 lbs overweight, told me she'd had no more than one bowel movement a week for the last ten years. I ground some flax for her, and stirred it into juice. The next night, she told me sheepishly that she'd had the three most memorable bowel movements of her life.